Sunday, April 1, 2018

Underground Lab Whistleblower C2C March 31, 2018

Guest host Jimmy Church (email) was joined for all four hours by Emery Smith, an insider who has come forward to reveal his work at secret laboratory facilities deep under the New Mexico desert. He discussed his time at the specialized labs which had connections to numerous dark projects, and what he knows about crashed UFOs, alien autopsies, government cover-ups, and disclosure. Smith admitted he was threatened with death for his appearances on Coast and elsewhere. "I'm designated to be terminated because of what we're doing right now," he told Jimmy, noting a small security team tries to keep him safe from harm.

Smith provided background on his role as a Surgical First Assist in the Air Force and how it led to moonlighting at secret base-within-base labs run by civilian corporations on government property. According to Smith, getting through security at the labs involved a strip search, X-ray, and passing a test with dogs. No outside electronics were allowed inside, he added. Medical technicians wore locator bracelets and pressurized suits, and used transparent tablets like iPads with holographic imaging, Smith disclosed.

He claimed to have worked on body parts, torsos, as well as thousands of tissue samples during his tenure. "I have no idea where [the bodies] came from," Smith confessed, adding his superiors confirmed the biological samples had other-than-Earth origins. "We're all actually ETs... in different percentages of extraterrestrial genetic DNA," he noted. Smith also reported on 3-D printed organs/bodies, performing an autopsy on a 30-ft tall Arcturian corpse, the first time he saw a biotechnological craft, and what the armed forces know about these projects. "The military does not know what they're shipping... it is paid for by the 300 major corporations that run the planet," he suggested.

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