Monday, April 23, 2018

Enfield Poltergeist / My Father, the Psychic C2C April 21, 2018

Roz Morris was one of the first reporters to examine the case of the Enfield Poltergeist in which seemingly supernatural activity involving sisters, Margaret and Janet Hodgson, took place at an English home between 1977 and 1979. Witnesses reported seeing furniture moving on its own accord, objects thrown across the room, and the sisters levitating several feet off the ground. Morris, along with Richard Grosse, son of the chief investigator of the case, joined guest host Dave Schrader  to discuss what their research uncovered.

Morris admitted it was a slow news day at BBC Radio when she was assigned to cover the story after it had received front page treatment in the Daily Mirror. "I must say it was extremely strange right from the start, I found the whole thing very strange," she said. Morris claimed to have heard something crashing upstairs while the sisters were asleep and found a chair had moved across the room, possibly on its own. She also recorded the knocking sounds and the voice which would emanate from Janet. "At first [the voice] was very hostile and didn't want to talk, and then eventually it did start to talk," Morris recalled, noting it was the voice of someone who died in the house.
Dave played audio of the voice. Grosse revealed his father had a recording of the entity calling him by name. Specialist were brought in to debunk the voice and several tests revealed it was not coming from Janet. "It's frankly absurd to think an 11-year-old girl can go on and speak like this," he said. According to Grosse, throughout the 18 months of manifestation, no one could come with a practical explanation for the strange events. "There comes a time when you, sort of, run out of potential answers and you actually have to turn around and say... it happened," he asserted.

During the latter half of the program, Philip Smith talked about his life growing up with a psychic healer father who used his remarkable abilities to heal the sick and talk to spirits. "He was as surprised by his abilities as everybody else, and he wanted to show the people that he wasn't crazy, that this was real... he wanted to help people," Smith said. He described how his father discovered he could heal, curing patients of heart disease, cancer, and other ailments by the mere touch of his hands.
He had a whole of team spirit doctors that would work with him from the other side when patients came to him, Smith continued, noting his father kept audio recordings of his healing sessions. Smith shared details from a trip to Europe where he became violently ill, and his father was able to remotely locate and heal him. "If I was ever ill... it got better pretty quickly," he said. Smith also recalled when he was a teen and tried to hide his marijuana stash from his father by burying it in a hole in the backyard. The next day Smith found the bag on his desk as a reminder from his father that he could not hide things from him.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Fear Response / Open Lines C2C April 20, 2018

Sociologist Margee Kerr moonlights at one of America's scariest and most popular haunted houses. She has seen grown men cry and push their loved ones aside as they run away in terror. And she's kept careful notes on what triggers these responses and why. She joined guest host Dave Schrader to discuss the surprising results from her studiy of fear — what it means, how it works, and what it can do for us.

In her quest to take a comprehensive look at the physical, psychological, and existential aspects of fear, Kerr visited haunted house attractions around the world, skydived, experienced isolation in a prison cell at a haunted penitentiary, and journeyed to the Aokigahara Suicide Forest in Japan. "People like doing scary things... it's an opportunity for self-discovery," she said.
Fear is a universal human experience that is different for every person, Kerr continued, noting the same stimulus can produce different reactions. These differences reflect an individual's past experiences and genetic stress sensitivities, she added. "For people who go into a situation looking to get scared, it can be cathartic and people do feel better afterwards," Kerr revealed. The fear response can also create a sense of 'bondedness' in couples who have a close relationship. However, if there is an underlying distrust between two people, it can increase defensive behaviors, she explained.


During Open Lines, Brendan in Seattle recounted a frightening sleep paralysis event in which he felt a tingle on the back of his head, heard scratching in the wall next to his bed, then watched as a grey alien-looking entity emerged into his bedroom. "This translucent figure kind of pushed its head through the wall and startled me... they're typically standing on the floor over me," he said, noting there was another translucent figure by the bed. Brendan admitted he threatened to kill them, his roommate heard the noise and came in to check on him to find no figures but the bedroom unnaturally cold.

Daniel from Tulsa told Dave about the time he survived a bear attack. Daniel reported he was living in Alaska and heading to his favorite fishing spot when he accidentally frightened a bear. The bear charged, Daniel stood his ground and fired a gun in front of its face to scare it away. "He took a chunk out of the back of my leg with a claw," Daniel said. Nicole in Sacramento believes she has been experiencing bilocation—momentarily appearing and disappearing at certain places. She shared incidents from her home and gym that may indicate some strangeness is happening. Nicole wondered if she could learn to consciously control it.

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Art Bell Tribute Show C2C April 19, 2018

C2C AM and George Noory presented a special tribute to Art Bell, with surprise guests throughout the night, and classic audio clips. The evening kicked off with Kraig Kitchin, who was president of Premiere Radio at the time it acquired C2C. Art's single-handed ability to explore the unexplained was what won him over, said Kitchin, along with his immense curiosity, and ability to connect everybody from learned scientists to the common man. A radio executive, Alan Corbeth, recalled hearing Art Bell's overnight radio show for the first time on KDWN in Las Vegas, He eventually became his business partner and helped build the show into syndication as it began to focus on the paranormal and unusual.

Whitley Strieber reported on attending Art's small private funeral earlier in the day in Pahrump. "It was a very lovely simple ceremony," he said, with mostly local people, though Dannion Brinkley, and Bob Crane were also in attendance. "Airyn Bell, Art's wife spoke, and it was the most lovely, courageous thing I've heard in a very long time," he remarked. Whitley also addressed the mourners, describing Art as "a man who freed millions of minds and made the world better in an absolutely unique and original way."

Ed Dames talked about the first time he appeared on Coast to Coast with Art Bell, and how they grew to become friends. Mike Bara recalled how Art wanted him to come on the air after a mutual friend's heart attack to discuss the possibility that the cardiac issues were related to a nefarious plot. George Knapp detailed how the news broke on Friday about Art's death, and also recounted being a guest on Art's show in the very early years, along with other residents of Southern Nevada including Bob Lazar, John Lear, and Robert Bigelow.

Linda Moulton Howe spoke about first meeting Art in 1991, and then working together on a radio show that explored earth mysteries and UFOs called Area 2000 (the show eventually morphed into "Dreamland"). Art was a great teacher particularly when it came to radio, Linda commented, adding that about eight years ago, she visited Art and his family in Pahrump, and saw first hand some of the mysterious bismuth-magnesium metal, known as "Art's Parts"-- said to be collected from the Roswell crash site.

Dannion Brinkley recalled his close friendship with Art and how grateful he was when Art conducted an on-air healing/prayer experiment on his behalf when he was about to have major surgery. Webmaster Lex Lonehood shared an amusing account of the first time he spoke with Art Bell, and Bryce Zabel talked about casting Art to appear in an episode of the NBC TV series, Dark Skies . During the night, callers also shared their remembrances, and a variety of riveting Art Bell audio segments were featured including the Area 51 pilot, JC Webster, the Super Glue incident, Father Malachi Martin, Mel's Hole, and Ramona's death. The tribute concluded with Crystal Gayle's Midnight in the Desert.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

PedoGate: Canadian UN Worker Arrested in Nepal, Trudeau's Peter Dalglish Connections

Former United Nations worker Peter Dalglish was arrested in Nepal on suspicion of child exploitation. Dalglish was given various awards by the Canadian government, and had several high-level connections in Canada. In 1994, former PM Pierre Trudeau directly appointed Dalglish as the first director of Youth Service Canada, the Government of Canada’s civilian youth corps. While his social media accounts have been scrubbed, photos of Dalglish have been saved backing up his connection to the Trudeau family. One photo features the now arrested UN worker with current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While a second, older, photo also appears to show Dalglish in 1994 with Justin's father, former PM Pierre Trudeau. Further contributing to the theory that Dalglish was potentially part of a wider trafficking ring connected to Canadian politicians are parallels to another case of Canadian businessman and convicted child abuser Fenwick Macintosh, who also operating in the Canadian maritimes, with several connections to high-level politicians, evaded punishment in the Canadian court system for years for his crimes, until he was also arrested and promptly convicted in Nepal.

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#PEDOGATE- Buzzfeed leaks DAMNING INFO on NYPD because Anthony Weiner Laptop?

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Rumored Pic from Hillary Clinton Alleged Darkweb Video, Real or Disinfo?

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Epstein Island, HRC snuff film response, Comey outed on live tv

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EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Tells All, Conspiracies, Fake Supplements

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Project Paperclip / John Dee & the Occult C2C April 18, 2018

In the first half, Professor Brian E. Crim, an expert in the history of 20th-century warfare, shared details of Operation Paperclip, which incorporated ex-Nazis into the American military-industrial complex. Conceived in the final months of WWII, Paperclip exploited Germany's scientific and technical infrastructure for the benefit of America's defense, and later commercial interests. While introduced as a two-year program in 1945, it survived under different names all the way up until the 1970s, he noted, adding that the Soviets had a similar operation importing German scientists. The Germans were about five years ahead of the US regarding rocket technology, said Crim, so that was part of the urgency and motivation for the project.

Wernher von Braun became one of the best-known scientists that came from Paperclip and was instrumental in developing the ballistic missile program-- his team was later assimilated into NASA. von Braun, said Crim, "was custom made for the American military-industrial complex," skilled at turning a blueprint into a working device. After Paperclip became known to the US public, there was a widespread backlash-- Albert Einstein, for instance, penned a New York Times editorial condemning the program. Bureaucrats, Crim noted, weren't necessarily opposed to exploiting the scientists, but were appalled at the idea that they could earn US citizenship.

In the latter half, author, strategist, and researcher, Jason Louv discussed the world of spiritual, occult and esoteric traditions. While Western magic and Eastern mysticism have their different aims, he recommended combining the two approaches, by manifesting your life goals (Western) while practicing meditation (Eastern), so you have the insight to understand that the material world isn't all there is. In particular, he talked about how the work of John Dee, one of history's most celebrated occultists, has helped shape the modern world through his focus on religious freedom.

When Dee, a 16th-century advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, linked up with the talented medium Edward Kelly, a ne'er do well who had his ears cut off for forgery, they began a series of conversations with angels by using magical rituals and scrying. Starting with communications from archangels Michael and Gabriel, they advanced to bizarre and profound psychedelic apparitions, Louv recounted, like "giants with suns for heads and pillars of brass for legs... they see angels that are just full of wings upon wings, and angels with multiple pupils in each eye. At one point, they even see God...What they saw was a gigantic whale covered with eyes from head to toe. The mouth of which emitted this tremendous colossal howling." From these encounters, they learned the "Enochian language," said to be spoken by angels, and humanity, before the fall of Eden.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Transhumanism & Giants / Precognitive Cancer Dreams C2C April 17, 2018

In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed his new bombshell book Terminated (view cover image) which deals with robotics in ancient history, accessing genetic memory from samples of ancient DNA, and demonic entities that inhabit DNA. The goal of transhumanism, Quayle suggested, is to build a better human being without any constraints, and he believes this could ultimately destroy humanity as we know it. The development of super-soldiers may already be happening-- last week, Syria's ambassador described the fighting and killing of American super-soldiers said to be over 8' 1" ft. in height, he reported.

"My contention," he said, "is that those creating these things in the lab have viable extracted DNA from the biblical giants, and that's what we're seeing." The spirits of giants or fallen angels may possess mechanical or AI entities, he continued, citing the ancient example of the Colossus of Rhodes. According to Quayle, giant cannibalistic beings that will be regenerated or brought out of suspended animation can only be killed by solid copper bullets or smoke grenades.

Larry Burk, M.D. specializes in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), hypnosis, and dreamwork. Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos has spent years studying and teaching about dreams. A three-time breast cancer survivor whose premonitory dreams diagnosed her cancer, she credits her survival to conventional treatment combined with her dreams as a diagnostic tool. In the latter half, they discussed Burk's study published in a medical journal connecting accurate precognitive dreams with the diagnosis of various cancers. In O'Keefe-Kanavos' case, a hooded monk appeared in a dream, emphatically telling her that only by undergoing exploratory surgery would her cancer be revealed. This turned out to be correct, and subsequently, the monk and additional figures appeared as spirit guides for her, offering her further helpful health advice.

Burk outlined several possibilities for the precognitive warning dreams. One is that the person is in denial about health symptoms they're already experiencing; another is that while no signs are present, neurotransmitters could be sending signals to the brain that something is amiss; a third explanation posits an intuitive process outside current scientific understanding. He suggested paying closer attention to one's dreams and keeping a dream diary ( is an online resource he recommends for sharing your dreams). A caller named Sharon reported a set of repetitive dreams that ended up saving her from cancer. In the dreams, she visited an art school to request a plaster cast of her leg for an upcoming prosthesis. Though there was nothing wrong with her leg, she did spot a very tiny mole on it. After much difficulty, she convinced her dermatologist to remove it, and it was found to be a highly malignant melanoma.

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MLK Assassination/ Ancient Aliens & Hybrids C2C April 16, 2018

In the first half, investigative researchers Stuart Wexler and Larry Hancock made the case that behind Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination was a long-simmering conspiracy orchestrated by racist terrorists. The original FBI investigation and the later House Select Committee investigation "turned up some fascinating leads and suspects that could be taken a lot further," said Hancock, and "we were...amazed that their investigation hadn't gone nearly as far as it should have." James Earl Ray may have pursued a bounty offer he heard about when he was in prison but certainly was not the mastermind behind the assassination, they indicated.

While at first, the FBI suspected a conspiracy, because of the mass riots taking place after King's death, they likely felt pressure to "close down open questions and give a nice well-packaged answer" in order to pacify the country, Wexler explained. According to their research, a network of racist militants led by Sam Bowers, head of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi (the group that was responsible for the Mississippi Burning murders) sought to kill King, and they were the ones who had put out a bounty on him. As a provocative act of violence to advance a political cause, King's assassination can be likened to the acts of terrorism and religious radicalism we've seen in recent years, the two researchers concurred.

In the latter half, scholar of ancient cultures, Bruce Fenton, detailed evidence which he believes shows that ancient aliens visited this world almost 800,000 years ago, creating a race of hybrids by genetically altering primitive hominids. Around this time, a spaceship of 50,000 Pleiadian colonists was "crystallized" by an attacking group of Reptilians living underground, he suggested, and the remnants of the liquefied ship rained down on Earth in the form of anomalous spheres, which have been discovered in South Australia.

After visiting a Stargate site in South America, Fenton's wife Daniella, a shaman and psychic medium, started having strange contact experiences in which she saw 7-ft. tall bluish aliens and hybrids, as well as ancient Mayans, he recounted. Eventually, she found herself inhabiting the body of a woman living in 7th century Palenque, in which alien-human hybrids were the rulers of the Mayan society. Fenton also talked about how the Pleiadian forces on Earth are currently pushing back against the demonic Draco (Reptilian) types. The beneficent "Pleiadian Alliance Control," he added, "is an alliance of many, many beings all coming through a wormhole in the Pleiadian star cluster."

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Monday, April 16, 2018

UFO Abduction Mystery / Tech & Erosion of Democracy C2C April 15, 2018

In the first half, UFO investigative writer and artist Peter Robbins joined George Knapp to discuss his life studying UFOs, and the sighting he had as a teen that changed his world forever. During the 1960s, Robbins, age 14, and his sister Helen, 12, witnessed five silvery-white disc-shaped objects in a military-type V formation. The craft were metallic and close enough that they could make out detailing on them. Robbins and his sister (who grew up to become the punk rock performer Helen Wheels) suppressed their memories of the event but were able to share them with each other 14 years later.

She described seeing a beam of blue light shoot down from one of the ships and envelope Peter, but her next memories were fragmented. After undergoing hypnotic regression with Budd Hopkins (whom Robbins ended up working with for a number of years at his Intruders Foundation), she recalled "missing time" when she was aboard a craft with "little doctors with big heads and big black eyes, who spoke to me in my head." Her description pre-dated Hopkins first book at a time before "the Greys" were better known. He also talked about his work on the book, Left at East Gate, delving into the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, and some of its attendant controversies. For more on Robbins, view this recent article published on

In the latter half, Jamie Bartlett, director of social media analysis at the UK think-tank Demos, reported on how data breach scandals around companies like Facebook and Cambridge Analytica affect our democracy. He argued that through our embrace of big tech, the building blocks of democracy are slowly being removed, and civil society weakened. Living in a digital age with more information, connectivity, and devices it was thought that "we would make better, wiser, more rational decisions," but this Bartlett pointed out, "does not seem to be bearing fruit." People on both the right and the left have been less rational, and more emotional and anger-prone, he cited.

Cambridge Analytica, he continued, is just one of many companies that are collecting data about us without our general awareness. Cambridge had some 5,000 individual data points about each of the millions of Facebook users they were able to access. Bartlett sounded a further note of caution related to the multitude of household devices being turned into connected "data collection machines," further eroding privacy. He envisioned a time when someone might just consult an AI helper that has amassed data about them as to who they should vote for in an election that would be in their best interests.

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