Saturday, September 1, 2007

Survival e-books

All books are FREE downloads (copy/paste links), and are in PDF format (Adobe)

The Energy Non Crisis (391Kb,46pg)

Growing Fruits (5Mb, 55pg)

Growing Vegetables at Home (1.3Mb, 44pg)

Popular Mechanics August 2007 (26Mb )

Warm Earth Organic Gardening (30Mb, 46pg)

Your Basement Fallout Shelter (1Mb, 31pg)

Driving Techniques For Escape and Evasion (5.4Mb, 47pg)

How To Choose A Handgun (241Kb, 47pg)

How To Master Secret Work (1.5Mb, 22pg)

Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know (3Mb, 601pg)

Biodeisel Handbook (20Mb, 286pg)

Where There Is No Dentist (7Mb, 205pg)

Where There Is No Doctor (24Mb, 512pg)

Swiss Army Guide To Guerrilla Warfare (28Mb, 93pg)

Methods of Long Term Underground Storage (675Kb, 26pg)

Security Architecture (527Kb, 15pg)

Vest Busters (4.41Mb, 33pg)