Friday, April 20, 2018

PedoGate: Canadian UN Worker Arrested in Nepal, Trudeau's Peter Dalglish Connections

Former United Nations worker Peter Dalglish was arrested in Nepal on suspicion of child exploitation. Dalglish was given various awards by the Canadian government, and had several high-level connections in Canada. In 1994, former PM Pierre Trudeau directly appointed Dalglish as the first director of Youth Service Canada, the Government of Canada’s civilian youth corps. While his social media accounts have been scrubbed, photos of Dalglish have been saved backing up his connection to the Trudeau family. One photo features the now arrested UN worker with current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While a second, older, photo also appears to show Dalglish in 1994 with Justin's father, former PM Pierre Trudeau. Further contributing to the theory that Dalglish was potentially part of a wider trafficking ring connected to Canadian politicians are parallels to another case of Canadian businessman and convicted child abuser Fenwick Macintosh, who also operating in the Canadian maritimes, with several connections to high-level politicians, evaded punishment in the Canadian court system for years for his crimes, until he was also arrested and promptly convicted in Nepal.

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