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Energy Healing & Contact Experiences / Open Lines C2C March 30, 2018

Over the last 18 years, Matthew Ryan has developed a healing technique he calls "Gamma Wave Healing," which he said was given to him during an amazing UFO sighting. He joined Jimmy Church in the first half to talk about his abilities, other dimensions, and his contact experience. Ryan began his appearance with a detailed description of his dramatic sighting, which occurred in 2004 during a routine hike in the northern New Mexico mountains near his Taos home. While heading down a game trail in the woods, Ryan says he was compelled to look up, and almost immediately, a chrome-colored object about 30 feet long and "shaped like an almond" descended over him, hovering over the treetops. The object seemed to emanate a low-pitched tone that "went through every single cell" in Ryan’s body.

It wasn’t until 2011 in regression hypnosis that Ryan says he realized the beings in the craft had identified him by his "frequency signature," which he says is present in all things from people to minerals. Ryan believes that "instantaneously something was changed" in his DNA, which allowed him to gain certain spiritual insights and to heal others. The initial experience lasted no more than 25 seconds, he recalled. He realized that he had "a connection with the pilot of this craft" which he says was due to the fact that he was a reincarnation of the alien being, who lived on Earth in what we now call the ancient civilization of "Lemuria." In contrast to some who have frightening encounters, Ryan says that his was "absolutely a positive experience."

The guest stayed for the first half hour of Open Lines. Clay wrote in on Twitter and asked if Ryan had been back to the spot of his first encounter, or had seen any more UFOs. Ryan said that he hadn’t, but that on subsequent trips to the forest, we was "desperately hoping for that craft to come back." Samson, who referred to himself in the third person, asked if Ryan has had his DNA tested for any anomalies. He has not, but suggested that researchers on "the bleeding edge of science" might be able to do this sort of testing. After Ryan signed off, Justin in North Carolina mentioned that he’d seen the same UFO that an earlier caller described moving over the town of Bristol, Tennessee.

Gina in Washington State was interested to hear about the sounds that Ryan said he’d heard during his sighting. She said that what she heard during a childhood encounter was like "two sounds overlaid on top of each other." Michael in Kansas called to share a close encounter he’d experienced in childhood with his grandmother when they saw a UFO so close up that he said "you could have thrown a rock at it." Alvin called in from California and asked if Church had ever got the attention of the authorities. The host recalled an incident about two years ago when a woman "dressed in a business suit" and claiming to be from the census bureau appeared unannounced at his door and tried to ask him a set of questions. He closed the door in her face, but she returned the next day with three burly men. He stated "there’s a file on me and I’ve been told things."

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