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Enfield Poltergeist / My Father, the Psychic C2C April 21, 2018

Roz Morris was one of the first reporters to examine the case of the Enfield Poltergeist in which seemingly supernatural activity involving sisters, Margaret and Janet Hodgson, took place at an English home between 1977 and 1979. Witnesses reported seeing furniture moving on its own accord, objects thrown across the room, and the sisters levitating several feet off the ground. Morris, along with Richard Grosse, son of the chief investigator of the case, joined guest host Dave Schrader  to discuss what their research uncovered.

Morris admitted it was a slow news day at BBC Radio when she was assigned to cover the story after it had received front page treatment in the Daily Mirror. "I must say it was extremely strange right from the start, I found the whole thing very strange," she said. Morris claimed to have heard something crashing upstairs while the sisters were asleep and found a chair had moved across the room, possibly on its own. She also recorded the knocking sounds and the voice which would emanate from Janet. "At first [the voice] was very hostile and didn't want to talk, and then eventually it did start to talk," Morris recalled, noting it was the voice of someone who died in the house.
Dave played audio of the voice. Grosse revealed his father had a recording of the entity calling him by name. Specialist were brought in to debunk the voice and several tests revealed it was not coming from Janet. "It's frankly absurd to think an 11-year-old girl can go on and speak like this," he said. According to Grosse, throughout the 18 months of manifestation, no one could come with a practical explanation for the strange events. "There comes a time when you, sort of, run out of potential answers and you actually have to turn around and say... it happened," he asserted.

During the latter half of the program, Philip Smith talked about his life growing up with a psychic healer father who used his remarkable abilities to heal the sick and talk to spirits. "He was as surprised by his abilities as everybody else, and he wanted to show the people that he wasn't crazy, that this was real... he wanted to help people," Smith said. He described how his father discovered he could heal, curing patients of heart disease, cancer, and other ailments by the mere touch of his hands.
He had a whole of team spirit doctors that would work with him from the other side when patients came to him, Smith continued, noting his father kept audio recordings of his healing sessions. Smith shared details from a trip to Europe where he became violently ill, and his father was able to remotely locate and heal him. "If I was ever ill... it got better pretty quickly," he said. Smith also recalled when he was a teen and tried to hide his marijuana stash from his father by burying it in a hole in the backyard. The next day Smith found the bag on his desk as a reminder from his father that he could not hide things from him.

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