Friday, September 2, 2011

Mass Media is hypnotism for the masses

Entertainment - Enslaving the Minds of the Masses : true words spoken by Alan Watt and Bill Cooper it is a shame how we as a nation have become truly mindless we have to do our best to share information and spread it to people who are willing to listen & question what is being presented to us as reality...The most disturbing thing on this planet is that the majority of 7 billion people think they have incarnated to eat, drink, have mediocre sex and entertain/infotain them to death. It seems to strange that very few people seem to have a purpose with their life - we all have a mission.I couldn't believe how people were/are buying tickets to the 2012 olympics and had/have no idea which sport they are going to spectate! now is that not the mentality of dumbed down and robotic slaves/sheep?

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