Saturday, September 3, 2011

Conspiracy Cafe: Sept 01, 2011: Hurricane Irene Nightmare from Above

Title: Hurricane Irene Nightmare from Above

Breivik's codes recap. Manchurian muffins in Utrecht. Cerberus the three headed dog of the military industrial complex. Target dates. The Virginia quake. Graffiti on the New York wall code for future urban renewal terror project. Hurricane Irene a steered storm. New York evacuated for terror mission pending. The WMD drill in July fits the pattern. Brookhaven National Laboratory has the power to steer the storm. The underwater HAARP cables. Norwegian drills timed for Breivik attacks. Tokyo quake drill. Seattle WMD drill. The high technology of the top labs. Googles Borges code a mystery of dark plots. Libya the spoils of war. The Black Death returns from the grave BEWARE! Economic Armageddon American debt buys Chinese military. Obama comes clean on medical experiments. NAU plotting continues by free traitors. Murdoch to become TV spectacle. Japan nuclear nightmare. Poison clothes. Conspiracies do come true. On Conspiracy Cafe Hurricane Irene Nightmare from Above.

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