Thursday, September 1, 2011

Man Faces 75 Years In Prison For Recording Cops

You should dam well have a right to film anything that happen on your own property, otherwise your property rights have been stolen. This is the same as stealing ones property, if it’s boundaries are not respected.This is just predatory prosecution because the citizen has challenged a by-law that might not apply to his property. They would normally have to show he is doing something with-in his property that is harming neighbors — or that he had signed on to such an agreement or that such a limiting caveat existed in the land registry when he bought the property. Most bi-laws are not law until they have been tested in court. So the citizen has probably not broken a law. He is only being served with a violation that does not carry the same weight as if his cars where parked on a road way.The Police get their authority from “We the People” they are sworn to serve and protect US! When did all that change? When they got boat loads of money from the Federal Government. Yes the Federal Government that has been taken over in the BANKING COUP of the last 100 years. The BANKING COUP is approaching the ENDGAME; where the middle class loses everything and because they do they demand A CHANGE / REVERSION of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT from the FASCIST back to the REPUBLIC form. The Police have been bought off by our FEDERAL TAX MONIES and all the new TOYS it buys. They have been brain washed into believing POLICE GET THEIR AUTHORITY FROM THE FASCIST GOVERNMENT OF THE BANKERS. Where and when have we SEEN THIS BEFORE? DOES ANYONE OUT THERE REMEMBER NAZI GERMANY? America is becoming NAZI AMERICA.

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