Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Conspiracy Cafe: 2011-09-08: Riddles and Labyrinths

Toronto Street News fire bombed. The Google Code recap. Gordon Duff says staged terror attack a certainty. Rockets from Gaza staged. Muslim tensions psy ops. B-52 lost nukes over Iraq in 1991. Osama led recovery of them. Shell game nukes from South Africa to Chicago. Blame game to include Iran, Pakistan or China. St. Paul's Chapel survives Revolutionary War fire and 9/11. Hurricane Irene was steered on reverse 9/11 course. Isaiah 9 names Washington the elder and Obama the liar the tail. The Freddy Mercury Google Doodle code for the false flag. Beware New York. Senator Charles Grassley rocking the boat on Anthrax attacks. The black plague returns from the grave. Harper's final solution to the Muslim question anti terror laws and preventive arrest. The Wannsee Conference. Metropolis the silent classic revealed Singularity in 1926. UBS says civil war over Euro. Earthquake anomaly. Swiss to inflate currency for Euro peg. Too fat lose your kids. Chinese bunker down. Murdoch's get bonuses. Requiem for 9/11 victims. On Conspiracy Cafe Riddles and Labyrinths.

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