Thursday, September 8, 2011

December 2012 : Collapse of the Dollar , Bank Holiday & Martial Law

The Collapse of December 2012 : Set in December 2012. This speech details what we believe the President might say on the day America's foreign creditors finally stop lending us money, and demand repayment for our country's debts...The largest debts EVER accumulated in the history of mankind.The prediction is that the dollar along with other currencies will collapse the NWO will demand a single currency and the Euro is being kept afloat for that reason food will be expensive so stock up now with long life products fuel will be treble today's price its all by design hyperinflation is months away claim global economists, the banks are in complete control and will achieve their goal starving nations will gathering their own wealth, we will suffer not them.Actually, that's what's gonna happen, yes. Chinese, as much as they know the dollar is not worth the paper it's not printed on (Quote Gerald Celente ) will need to buy foreign companies. That will increase the demand for USD, other than that, not much can they do. It's basically: Let's keep this system going on.

December 2012 : Collapse of the Dollar and Bank Holiday

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