Saturday, September 17, 2011

Conspiracy Cafe: 2011-09-15: The Future was Yesterday

The latest flat screen all in one computer on a desk in 1954. Stereatronics. The Google bird code an explosive egg. Psalm 46:10 a place in Missouri a operational command in Obama's 9/11 speech. Fox news anchor shows 9 11 in 1990 Gremlins 2 movie, sends the world on the false trail after the false flag. The Hollow Tower theory. Preparing the WTC for demolition. The New York Times warning August 18. The B Thing art group Gelatin B prepares for attack. Removing windows setting the homing beacon. Illustrations and notes of the plot in fine German. 9/11 perps on Anders Breivik's Euro map. Police and firemen see the fine details and are murdered for it. Dead men still tell no tales. The war cost in lives and dollars. Thrive the movie. Free energy from space limitless. 9/11 was a thirty year old CONSPIRACY! Artist portrays the events in 1988 and post the future in a public lobby in Scotland. On Conspiracy Cafe the Future was Yesterday.

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