Monday, April 27, 2020

The End of Woman

Thanks to feminism, femininity is almost extinct. This psychological genocide is called "women's liberation."
well endowed - not attractive, sexualized, but the charteristics that make women attractive
are feminine

When culture is controlled by Satanists, "progress" is defined by them.

Updated from Sept 22, 2013
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I have been attending a small vegetarian cooking class. The teacher is a woman aged 70 who could pass for 55. There is another female classmate, a French Canadian retired teacher in her 60's who is also quite vivacious.

Normally I don't notice women my age (almost 64) but there is something uncannily different about these ladies. I felt so relaxed in their presence that I almost fell asleep. Then I realized what it was: these women are feminine. I had stumbled upon a species that is almost extinct: "woman."

Like myself, these women came of age in the 1960's, a time of transition. But, in high school, girls still took home economics and boys took shop. Boys asked girls out on "dates" - to dances or the movies. Premarital sex was still frowned upon and illegitimate children were called "bastards."  A popular song had the chorus: "Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage." We were taught to question authority, not our gender.

What is it about these two cooking class women that define "feminine?" If I had to choose one word, it would be "vulnerability." These are women who do not kill their own snakes. They rely on a man, their husband, to protect them and for direction. They do not compete with men.

Another key word is sacrifice. They are dedicated to their families and are cherished in return. They are loved not for their looks, careers or repartee but for their contribution to their families.

Another key word is surrender. You feel that a loyal man with vision and determination could could earn the life-long devotion of women like these. This is how two people become one.

Surrender and sacrifice, based on trust, is how a real woman loves. Of course,a man must earn and keep this trust. A wife's sacrifice inspires a man to sacrifice, i.e to provide for his family.

Both men and women have been grievously injured by the Illuminati social engineers who have undermined gender and marriage with the complicity of our government, media and education system. Women have been "empowered" and men emasculated. The purpose is to neuter and re-engineer humanity as a slave race.

Women were designed by nature to sacrifice and surrender for family.  But feminism taught young women to be "strong and independent" and regard men, marriage and family with suspicion. As result, women have been deprived of fulfillment they crave and can only achieve through selfless dedication to a loving husband and children. This also extends to their sexual fulfillment.

Women used to be essentially different from men. Their focus was the home.  Their spirit made them a refuge and harbor for a man. Their energy balanced his energy.

Young women today are so busy pursuing careers, they are barely distinguishable from males. Feminism has fitted many with a psychological penis.

Many suffer from what I call "personality deficit disorder." They may have looks but they have little personality, style or charm.  They can't be men, and they don't know how to be women. They are mutants.

In contrast, there is a lightness and charm about feminine women of my generation. They don't take themselves so seriously. A man can relax in their presence. They are still girlish and attractive in their 60's and after.

Under the guise of gay and women's "rights", the Illuminati has waged war on gender and has crippled heterosexuals psychologically.  Only Satanists could attack the love between husband and wife, mother and child. Men today are always portrayed as feminine and pussy-whipped. Women cannot love these men.

The essence of masculinity is power.  My advice to young men is to find a rewarding career that you enjoy. Define a vision for your life and a place for the woman in it. Then help a young woman find her fundamental feminine nature by accepting you as her leader. You must be the boss or a woman won't respect you. You will be her brother or son. woman.html?_ga=2.261268302.2123488424.1588020254-1869969962.1588020254
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