Thursday, April 30, 2020

Governments are Using COVID-19 as a Pretext to Persecute the Church

     COVID-19 is a tool that governments are using to persecute and shut down the Catholic Church, says Bishop Athanasius Schneider in an recent interview with LifeSiteNews. The worst of it is that the bishops who are supposed to defend their flock from the wolves are bowing to political deities that are imposing this lockdown.

    Consider too this latest from Bill Gates: "Dr. Fauci and I believe the country won’t get back to normal until there’s a vaccine, and a vaccine is still 18 months away."

    Multi-billionaire Gates, a notorious population-control fanatic put $4 billion into launching this COVID-19 pandemic. This was sprung upon us to not only tank the economy and place us on lockdown, but to provide "justification" for imposing poison vaccines. The vaccine he is pushing would be monitored with a chip so that if you can't show proof of vaccination through the chip, i.e. if you refuse the chip, you won't be able to buy or sell. (Apocalypse 13:15-18) Yes, those days are upon us.

    Already, they've been conditioning us with this communistic sell-out mentality. If you don't wear a Jihad mask in public, you can no longer go to the store to buy food and medicine for your family, etc. As they plan it, the vaccine chip will be your ticket to ride in society, and how sad to know that many will accept this under the guise of "obedience" and "public health and safety." We're becoming a police state and people don't even realize it.

    The numbers of COVID-19 deaths are way over the top. Death certificates have been falsified. More and more good doctors are coming forward to reveal how the government has pressured them into lying about the true death figures. Many who have died from the flu or pneumonia are being listed as having died from COVID-19. This raising of the COVID-19 death numbers is deliberately done to justify the continuation of the lockdown.

    Pennsylvania has now removed hundreds of COVID-19 deaths from the official death count after coroners pointed out the state’s health department numbers did not match their own.

    The mere fact that the proposed 18-month COVID-19 lockdown is being advocated by antichrist figures like Gates, Soros, Obama, Biden, Dr. Fauci and his friend Tedros Adhanon Ghebreyesus—the Director General of the murderous WHO—is in itself every reason to reject it.

    Fortunately, President Trump is not in agreement with totalitarian governors like Newsom and Cuomo who are imposing this lockdown on America, and his good efforts to resurrect the nation and get it back on its feet no doubt will gain him many extra votes in November, even from liberals.


    By John-Henry Westen

    It’s always an honor speaking with Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Today on my podcast we discussed the impact the coronavirus is having on Catholics across the world.

    In addition to stating that he believes the virus is punishment from God meant to “awaken” the world and the church to do penance for crimes inside and outside the Church — especially liturgical abuse and abortion — His Excellency told me that governments around the globe are using COVID-19 as a pretext to “implicitly persecute” Christians by forcing churches to close.

    “The bishops and the bishop’s conferences — and even the Holy See — should insist on the governments to give to the churches at least the same rights…as they give to the stores where people can buy food,” His Excellency said. “If the government denies the church the same rights as they give to a store, then this is discrimination of the religion.”

    I asked Bishop Schneider what he thinks about liquor stores still being open and how some bishops are directing their priests not to offer public Masses.

    Bishops should “be happy” that priests are using their “creative zeal for the faithful” to ensure they receive the sacraments, he said. Bishops who fail to insist that churches should be allowed open are committing a “grievous omission.”

    During the plague of his own time, Bishop Schneider continued, St. Charles Borromeo “ordered that the priests should celebrate Holy Mass in public squares, public places on the streets – on the corner of the streets – to multiply masses so that people could assist from their windows.”

    LifeSite correspondent Dorothy Cummings McLean recently reported on how the United Kingdom may remain on lock down until after Christmas. Bishop Schneider said England’s restrictions are “completely against every reasonableness of proportionality.” The orders issued in Great Britain by the government, he said, are “a kind of discrimination and persecution of the church.”

    His Excellency continued his remarks by theorizing that “it could be that we are going through a time of the catacombs — a kind of underground church. But we needn’t be fearful. We have to be courageous, because the church has a lot of…experience being a catacomb church, an underground church. And in those times of catacombs, God gave plenty of spiritual fruits for the renewal of the Church.”

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