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Gabriel Wortman, a 51 year old white denturist from small town Nova Scotia, carried out the worst shooting spree in Canadian history — all while he was disguised in a RCMP uniform driving a ‘mock up’ squad car.
Wortman’s shooting spree lasted for 12 hours
The guy went on a rampage — burning houses and shooting people,” alleged a police source. “He got in to his police car he had made at home and drove around pulling people over and executing them.”
  • Latest death toll = 17 + shooter
  • Gunman killed by police
  • Began in Portapique, Nova Scotia
    • community home to 100 residents in winter, 250 in summer…
    • Ended at a gas station in Enfield, some 60 miles away
  • 16 crime scenes, 6 still under investigation
  • Several houses, including Wortman’s home, were burned
  • Among the victims: RCMP Officer Heidi Stevenson, mother of 2 who was reportedly shot several times in the chest
K, but WHY?
Gabriel Wortman
Was this a psychotic crime of passion?
The first two dead are believed to be 51-year-old Wortman’s ex (wife or girlfriend) and her new boyfriend.
But it seems more evil and calculated than a domestic motive
Why would a guy pissed at his ex and her new squeeze spend days (weeks? months?) acquiring and painting cop cruisers and a uniform, and then go on to perform a seemingly indiscriminate stop-and-shoot spree which included the execution of a mom and dad in front of their children?
Or is something even more sinister afoot?
The Nova Scotia shooting occurred on April 19, anniversary to several other notable massacres:
  • The Oklahoma bombing in 1995
  • The Waco siege in 1993
  • Just one day before the 1999 Columbine High School shooting anniversary
But this guy doesn’t exactly fit the ‘lone wolf’ mass murderer profile…
A well educated, white collar, small town Boomer with no social media footprint, no manifesto, and no obvious mental issues (serious question though: Was the shooter on SSRIs?)? Not exactly Dylann Roof material.
Why are authorities so silent on motive and medical history?
Don’t expect the media to follow up, they got what they want: A white shooter (no, Wortman is not a Jewish name), motive be damned.
(Word to the not-so-wise media: I’m not confident inserting ‘racism’ will work here as I’m willing to bet there are less than a handful of minorities in Portapique…)
Wortman’s Denture Clinic in Dartmouth
Considering this shooting spree took place in a hamlet with some 100-250 residents, it’s worth asking:
  • How many of his victims did Wortman know?
  • How many of them would have recognized it was Wortman, not some RCMP officer?
So far, locals have only described him as a “good neighbour” and “very kind”.
Many questions about the shooter, his motives, victims, and law enforcement seemingly protracted response remain…
But now over a day after the shooting with no clear picture from authorities, a dead gunman, and his house having been burnt down — I have a feeling details about this massacre might go the way of Las Vegas  what happened in Portapique, stays in Portapique.
Wortman’s High School Yearbook
One thing to watch for: Will this be Canada’s New Zealand moment with respect to firearms? Lord knows Trudeau’s government has had an itchy trigger finger when it comes to enacting their gun control platform.
— Just as the whole country is under ever-expanding house arrest and on welfare, and snitch lines are being pushed across municipalities…
Perfect timing.
PS: I know it’s “too soon” to make a political point but there’s never an appropriate time to do so when it concerns the dead…
Question: What do you see you look at the picture of victim RCMP Officer Heidi Stevenson below? Do you see a law enforcer? A federal police officer? Someone who belongs on the front lines? I see a mommy. Not even a mom — a mommy, with her cute smile, rosy cheeks and messy hair. I don’t mean any disrespect to the dead (God knows I’ve been praying for her two young children) and I get it: It was her choice to be on the front line, blah, blah, blah. But what does it say about our society that we put literal mommies on the frontline?
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RCMP Officer Heidi Stevenson, Victim
Wortman is to blame for her death, but Canadian society’s hands are not clean.

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