Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Despite this ethnic group making 13% of London’s population, it commits 50% of the murders in the City

Turns out the black 13% of the population, 50% of the crime meme is not only true for the United States. In London, despite people of African ancestry only making up 13.3% of the city demographics, blacks represent almost 50% of the Murder Suspects

In a recent article by the BBC, the news station made a rubbish article, claiming that the rising knife crime linked to council cuts, according to a ‘study’.

The very colourblind study claimed that the ‘councils with large cuts to youth services were more likely to also have seen an increase in knife crime in the area’s police force’. As it’s usual for the BBC, as well as academia these days, they completely ignore the elephant in the room: trends such as immigration, demography and the racial composition of a certain place, connecting it to crime.

Well surprise, surprise, turns out that the racial makeup of a city does count as well for such mind blogging crime figures, in this case, murder.

As we can see in this graph, sourced by the Police Freedom of Information, despite blacks only making 13% of the population of London (more exactly 13.3%), they make up almost 50% or half of the murder suspects in the city. The figures also show that half of the victims are people of African origin.

White people or people of European ancestry at the time of the census used to make 60% of London’s population but accounted for 35% of the murder victims and only 24% or less than a quarter of the murder suspects.

Figures in the rest of Britain however, paint a different picture, with murder victim and suspect figures being more or less proportionate to the makeup of the population, mirroring London’s diversity, including in crime statistics.

Nationally, 3% of the population is black, 5% of murder victims are black and 13% of murder suspects are black.

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