Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lindsey Williams, Global Currency Is Coming, No One Can Escape The Financial Fallout May 7 2012

 Lindsey Williams took a few calls on his more recent interviews on TheAlexJonesChannel. Right to the point - Lindsey Williams might be more practical in his thinking that we realize. His position seems to be that Global Government, North American Union and the Elite being victorious is going to happen no matter what - we only need to prepare for it.America is no longer a Christian nation, its now a worldly nation with Christians in it. There are to many signs of ungodliness in the U.S. America is referred to in Jer 51, Rev 18 and so much more places in the bible. America is referred to as Babylon and the harlot . The golden cup of Jer 51 is referring to the U.S. the statue of liberty originally was designed to be holding a golden cup but was at the last minuet changed to a torch, its been proven.
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