Friday, May 18, 2012

Conspiracy Cafe with George Freund -"It's easy when you know how" 2012-05-08

 The execution of Jason Todd Ready. More gruesome deaths in the War on Drugs. Gareth Williams 'hacked' to death. Russia threatens first strike at missile conference. One of our nuclear weapons is 'missing.' Rogues in intelligence services gone wild. Retribution means execution. RAF stand down for specialized nuclear search aircraft. The nuclear Google doodle prophecy. London prepares for air war. Heathrow open to smugglers. 'Bomb' smuggled into games site. David Cameron descended from King William IV. Al Qaeda is code for CIA false flag operation. Allied Media Corp is a CIA production company to promote terror. 9/11 trials tribulations on the grand staged event. Terror plots are FBI CIA inventions. The Queen Mom and Royal kiddie porn. Mysterious 9/11 witness deaths. Mysterious BP whistleblower deaths. First arrest in Gulf disaster. Obama preached to half empty forum. ICC comes home to America. Get the rope. Barry's student loan. Obama greases NAU wheel with executive order. 95% of lost jobs high paying middle class ones. Obama's buddy will count the votes. Ron Paul won Massachusetts. Canada still has gun registration. We have to kill you for a better NWO. We must. Lucifer says. Julian Fantino former Police Commissioner and present Cabinet Minister embroiled in off shore accounts controversy. He'll never get rich under the spot light. Are old top cops laundering the money of our politicos? The three cities rule the world video. Rome, London, and Washington. On Conspiracy Cafe, it's easy when you know how.

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