Friday, May 25, 2012

Conspiracy Cafe with George Freund -"High Stakes Poker" 2012-05-17

 Another Kennedy goes down. G20 report blasts the police. Activist acquitted. RCMP perverts in command positions. Sheriff Joe sued. Prison for vets. New Spy Agency. The Hunt for Red Mercury, Howard Carter Google doodle. The week it all implodes. Whitney Houston human sacrifice? Missile Defense and WWIII. Russia says first strike. Mother's Day Google doodle. The ABC's of Terror. More fake terror. Mercenary plots. Recap on August 23 'earthquake'. New Mayan Calendar. The Battle for Greece. The demise of Europe. Bank runs. The coming storm. JP Morgan chases billions down the drain. Fall guy lands on the front page. China slowing moving in on American banks. Mein Kampf returns. Obama drops the gay bomb. Convict beats Obama in primary. Preparing for civil war not unrest. War Crimes Tribunal. Total eclipse. It's High Stakes Poker on Conspiracy Cafe.
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