Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lindsey Williams Interview - Patriot Trading Group - 02 Nov 2011

The Elite Illuminati Gangsters want to create massive debt before stock market crash The elite want to create debt like in not only America but every country of the world, comparable to the debt that Greece has. Greece will get bailed out in everyway imagined until the very end The elite are buying the bonds of Greece so they will own the country when they default The elite are allowing California and other states to get in the most horrible state, so when they default, they will own and control them All the bailouts are done intentionally to force a default where then the elite will fully controls them “By the end of 2012 private fortunes will be lost if they are secured with paper” Syria is the next country they will attack Elite are 3 months behind schedule because they couldn’t get Muammar Gaddafi fast enough The US Mint sold 737,000 Silver Eagles sold on the first day of October. Only buy silver coins minted by the US Mint. Never done before in history. It’s 42% of all the sells in the whole month of December, 2010 Gold to go to $3,000 almost overnight and Silver to $75.00-$100.00 The Elite plan to keep the price of gold and silver down for a few more weeks (maybe a few months) This is because they are buying all the gold and silver up for themselves at cheap prices Welfare, Food Stamps and Social Security will not be cut off until the US Defaults in a few years Elite don’t want riots. They don’t like the wallstreet riots. They will default on paying social security, welfare, and food stamps when the US Defaults They want you in massive debt. You need to have enough money in gold and silver to pay your taxes for 3-5 years. Goldman Sachs won’t lose a penny. Fear is what the elite what. They create it to make you shutdown your brain and not see whaty they are doing America will be like Greece in 3 years The current debt in America is $14,837,000,000,000 for the new year coming in 2012. Major discord between the elite of the world. They hate each other, but have to work together. Major arguements among the elite. Elite have think tanks they use to predict the future. One of the think tanks says that something very unually is going to happen in 2012. This is in the spiritual realm. There will be some “Divine Manistafactions” in 2012 The Elite have a “Devil’s Messiah ” program scheduled for 2012

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