Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Conspiracy Cafe: 2011-11-03 - Eyes to See

RCMP set up unsuspecting man importing pellet gun with the fake courier trick. They lie. They deceive. They shoot pellets into pig's eyes to make their case. Welcome to Kanada. Truth and Reconciliation Committee: RCMP took 150,000 children from their parents and sent them to abuse at church schools. Anywhere else we would say that was ethnic cleansing. Oakland cops shoots Veterans' for Peace former Marine in the head. Occupy London a shame. Lucis Trust behind Occupy Wall Street. Judyth Vary Baker gets served broken glass. Will November 9th FEMA alert be a day in INFAMY with tsunami drill. Israel tests missile for Iran. UK ready for war with Iran. Chinese launch rocket before asteroid YU55 nears Earth. Gaddafi abused after capture. Canadian soldier for hire guarded Gaddafi's son and got him out of Dodge. Big Brother expects us to believe Muammar protected by elderly man. Final nail in the global warming coffin. POLL: We don't trust the government. Narco paradise Honduras. Kazakhstan millions for Blair. iRobot boss. Unzip your DNA at the airport. Time machine patented. Days to watch January 23rd. Secret Society Code cracked. MF Global goes bust with your money. Greeks get haircut in deal. Must China chose Euro over Dollar. German bank hid £48 billion to get bailout. You need eyes to see on Conspiracy Cafe.

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