Monday, November 28, 2011

Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones Update on the MF Global collapse - 28 Nov 2011

The United States of America, like most countries, has been taken over by a very corrupt cabal of people. They use many tools. Fear, false flags, propaganda, threat, lies, wars etc... People need to wake up and not buy into these people.  They believe in order out of chaos. This is not the way I choose to live. The institutions, organizations, groups, clubs, have all been corrupted.. Can't trust any of them, spies everywhere.. Govt sponsored tattletales infest every civic group.. Churches are on the Govt payroll thru their 501C3, so they can't be trusted either.. The good people, who haven't sold out, are pulling back, hardening themselves, cutting the dead weight in life, reducing their vulnerability to betrayal.. This shit is just for starters, better hang on, rides gonna get a lot rougher..

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