Monday, November 14, 2011

Flag this message Bank Run In Europe & Our New Gold Standard?

what is now happening in Europe isn't anything that I can brush off until next week. Take a look at this interview that was aired on public television in Ireland...

This is one of those rare instances where we actually hear the TRUTH about the European situation and the truth is that the wealthy are removing their money as fast as possible. Of course the SPIN next week will be that the problems are fixable by replacing a leader here or injecting a lump of bailout money there but it is all smoke and mirrors. On this news the wealthy insiders will STILL remove as much money as they can from the European banking system.
The same type of "delay tactic" is happening around the world giving the connected insiders enough time to remove themselves from the system.
On November 23rd the US Congressional "Super Committee" is supposed to come up with a PLAN to cut a token $1.5T from the US budget over the next 10 years. That would be $150B/yr total but mostly weighted in the last few years (of course). This would be quite simple to do...BUT THAT IS NOT THE PLAN! Watch for a failure to be successful in this effort thus forcing more US ratings downgrades.
The plan is to totally and completely destroy the US Dollar, default on the debt and start fresh with the return of gold and silver coinage as our domestic currency.

The latest update on the introduction of the new $100 bills is that they will be distributed at least 6 months after they are officially "announced...again". Unfortunately, that doesn't bode well for a quick transition. Here's some articles where I examine the significance of this new bill's introduction:
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And for Private Road Members:
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The past week saw monumental events transpire that have brought us very close to the final collapse. The next two weeks should nudge us off the cliff.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
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