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Latest Bible Code Predictions

June 1, 2011

How God timed when Israel became a nation in 1948
and the restoration of Jerusalem in 1967.

May 22, 2011

An EF-5 tornado devastates Joplin just as the closing minutes of the predicted week for"terrible tornadoes and fires" was concluding, (May 14/15-22) -- as predicted back in January of this year. (In the bible, a day runs from evening to evening, i.e., 6 pm.)

Like Jerusalem, like Joplin

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.Multiple tornadoes occurred, but worst hit was Joplin, Missouri, which was hit by a single tornado that lasted from 5:41 pm to 5:50 pm, the deadliest single US tornado since 1947 (or perhaps 1936). There are at least 138 dead in this tragedy. Over 1150 injured. About 8000 structures damaged or destroyed. Winds in excess of 200 mph. It divided the city in half.

Therefore, the "terrible fires" happened on the first day of the predicted week -- (with the fire at Slave Lake; also see "The Mississippi Flood"), and then seven days later the predicted "terrible tornadoes" occurred on the last day of this same week (at Joplin). The timing of these two tragedies effectively bracketed the entire week, thereby drawing attention to it.

Moreover, President Obama's anti-Israel speech occurred square in the middle of that week. Compare with Dan. 9:27 -- a shadow of things to come? The tornado divided Joplin in half like they want to divide Jerusalem in half! Tornadoes have been timed to America's attitude toward Israel before. Moreover, on the 360-calendar, Obama's speech occurred on "the 4th month, the fifth day", which is the anniversary of the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon in 586 BC, {Jer. 39:2}.

Concerning tornadoes, the month of May up until the 21st and 22nd had been unusually quite. The following is a quote from my May 18th article about the Slave Lake fire:

"Based upon past patterns, I suspect that tornadoes will begin to occur in the second-half of the week of May 14-22. If not, June 14-21, or both. See earlier article on the tornadoes of April for more about that. As said before, my purpose for predicting these things over the past 12 years or so, was to prove that God has a flexible timetable laid out for all history, to refute those who think that our world is purely random, and to demonstrate that there is no God like the God of our Lord Jesus Christ."

This tornado that wiped out much of Joplin had multiple vortices, and formed unusually fast. "within seven minutes it went from a funnel cloud Compare this with the "double tornado" on April 14, 2011. Fires also erupted overnight from damaged gas lines.

Importantly, May 22, 2011, when the tornado stuck Joplin, was exactly 1260 + 1260 days (seven years) from when the encoded image of Balance Bible Code was discovered, (June 27, 2004). This is especially significant because of the seven major clusters of picture bible codes discovered, two of these predicted that a specified major event would occur exactly 1260 + 1260 days from their discovery. The first predicted the date for the execution of Saddam Hussein, and now this tornado. Each also had the specific time frame of 1260 + 1260 days encoded within it. (The "river" in the Balance Code spans 126 + 126 letters, and the three coins in the Mene Tekel Peres Code added up to 126 shekels, etc.)

Interestingly, Slave Lake had a population of 7000, Joplin had 7000 x 7, with their catastrophes occurring 7 daysapart and 7 years after the Balance Bible Code. Like the trumpet judgments in the bible, one-third of both Slave Lake and Joplin were destroyed, (Rev. 8:7). (Please see the other articles listed below to find out why the date of this code's discovery is so important. It's the reason why I made this prediction four months ago about these coming tornadoes.)

"Service received its first report of the tornado at 5:34 p.m. local time, from west of the Missouri-Kansas border. Seven minutes later, there were reports of a tornado within Joplin's city limits, about 7 miles east of the first sighting. "Every storm is a little different, but this storm went from what was just a funnel cloud to a very strong, very large and very wide and obviously very damaging tornado in a very short time," in under 10 minutes, said Andy Boxell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield, Mo." (

"It's rare for tornadoes of this force to form at all. It's rarer still for them to find population centers like Tuscaloosa and now Joplin."

Interesting note: The past seven years has been the three worst years for tornadoes since record keeping, 2004, 2008, 2011, which, then, is the beginning, middle, and end of the said seven-year period! (Unusually, other than the end of May, 2004, most of the tornadoes in 2004 occurred late in the year due to hurricanes, and also unusually, early 2008 was unusually active. Thus, this seven-year period is divided by 3.5-years plus 3.5 years, not merely 4 plus 3 years!) Therefore, the past seven years has been a foreshadow of the "seven-year tribulation period" predicted in the bible that is still yet to come!

"Why tornado outbreak continues May 24-27?"

In brief: 2000 yrs of 360 days from death/resurrection of Christ, plus 7 yrs, and 3500 yrs of 360 days {1260,000} + 1260 + 1260 dys, Rev. 11. Hence, from autumn of 1447 BC, when the plagues of Egypt began, unto Christ are also 1500 yrs of 360 days, hence a type of "Times, time, and half-a-time." These calculations are accurate using both the traditional Jewish calendar and the 360-day calendar of bible prophecy.

For example, on the regular Jewish calendar: If we allow a half-year for the ten plagues, as commonly believed, ending Passover (week) of the Exodus, Nisan 14/15 to 21, 1446 BC), then the 10 plagues would therefore have commenced on Tabernacles, 1447 BC,Tishri 14/15 to 21. From this week of Tabernacles, plus 1260,000 days, spans unto June 20-27, 2004, when the Balance Bible Code was discovered. To verify, see Cal. Converter and insert Julian day numbers #1193176.5 to 1193183.5, plus 1260,000 days equals Julian #2453176.5 to #2453183.5. This, plus another 1260 + 1260 days to the present, that is, to #2455696.5 to #2455703.5, May 15-22, 2011.) The 360-calendar produces similar results as this, except it also accounts for the extra waves of tornadoes on April 24-27, and May 24-27.

In the bible, "1000 years is as a day", and a day can symbolize a year or a year a day. Thus, with these ratios in mind, 1260 x 1000 days represents an unusually important "1260-day" period, such as the "1260 days" of Rev. 11, which chapter is patterned after the ten plagues of Moses that began Tabernacles, 1447 BC!

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