Saturday, June 25, 2011

Conspiracy Cafe: 2011-06-23: Learn the Great Game

Nuclear leaks across the board at power plants. Fort Calhoun the false flag event? Bilderbergs got out of Dodge fast. It's getting a little too HOT under the spotlight. Do not feed the humans. Executive plan for a North American Union. Water boarding the grand old tradition of the INQUISITION. Strauss Kahn hires Magnum P.I. to look for what we already know. G20 fall out continues psyops for the future order and set up for the police. NDP sells soul for power. One Weiner quits; one Weiner dies in a plane crash. Double standard as Hillary's porn star aide gets a 'bi' in the press while the Weiner gets BBQ'd. Russian nuclear experts wiped out in plane crash. Phase 3 of the false flags the battle for cyberspace. Al Qaeda was a myth from the very start. The missing billions/trillions stolen by our leaders. New chip for brain to brain or PC to brain mind control. Thanks for the Manchurian memories. Invasion alert Syria. SBX radar dome enters Seattle Harbour. Shiver me timbers. Rattle me quakes. UN plots control over the world's oceans. Learn to play the Great Game on Conspiracy Cafe.

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