Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clif High of Webbot on Veritashow - 10 June 2011

Clif High of The Web Bot speaks about the new E.Coli outbreak in Germany and in Europe , I found it interesting The Web Bot reports remarks about silver selling in the future for multiples of the price in May. Silver has fallen from s high of near $50 in April to $37.88 (and falling) as I am writing this. StellaConcepts predicts it will fall as low as $27. In April, an unknown person purchased a $1 mill futures option that silver would be $25 in June, when silver was on a parabolic rise. Take heart. The price will go back up , Lindsey williams said the "dollar will be dead" by the end of 2012. So that doesn't mean it won't be crippled and taken down before then. He said DEAD. We probably will have the dollar and euro collapse this year, but this will be just the beginning. It will take a little while to completely kill the dollar but in the mean time those who are still invested in the dollar will be crushed. I believe we will see a major devaluation and reserve currency change this July...Please remember the webbot is designed to make the most dire predictions possible - like "if I drop a quarter off this building whats the worse that can happen" the worse is someone walks by and gets hit by it - but what if no one walks by - not all will come to pass - and those that do, you'll find their time frames are almost always off

The Web Bot is an internet prophetic computer program that predicts or forecasts future events on a global scale.
Clif High of webbot project shared a recap of some his 'web bot' hits, as well as presented some dire predictions for the future. He foresees a strong earthquake possibly hitting the West Coast in the next few days. He predicted economic collapse over the summer orchestrated by "the powers that be," and increased censorship of the Internet. During this same time frame, "sun disease," or solar flare-ups will impact life on Earth, he said.
from Wikipedia : Web Bot, or the Web Bot Project, refers to an Internet bot software program that is claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the Internet. It was created in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends.[1] The creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, who call themselves "The Time Monks"[2], keep the technology and algorithms largely secret and sell the predictions via the website halfpasthuman.com.
Clif High has a patent on computer-assisted reading technology which allows reading from computer screens at up to 2000 words per minute. Reaching into other areas of hidden potential within language use by humans, he has been developing a system of software internet agents (like search engines use) and other proprietary processing methods to predict future events. The software project, begun in 1997, captures near-real-time changes in language patterns within internet discussions. Then, employing radical linguistic techniques of his own devising, he develops a model which anticipates future events with some seeming accuracy. The processing has, at its core, a method of assigning emotional values to complex content and time carry-values to predict changes in future behavior based on how people are using language now.

Since June 2001 when the work projected a major 'tipping point', that is a 'life-changing event' with aspects of 'military and accident' that would forever change the way we live to occur inside 90 days, the web bot project has continued to give archetype descriptors of future events such as the anthrax attack in Washington, the crash of American 587, the Columbia disaster, the Northeast Power outage, the Banda Aceh earthquake and most recently the flooding of the Red River. As a continuing project, reports are offered from the extracted archetype information at his web site, www.halfpasthuman.com.
Webbot predictions predictions about the economy, and U.S. and world events for the summer of 2010 and beyond . Here are some of the highlights of what they see coming:

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