Thursday, August 6, 2020

Why Your Kid is a Communist reported on August 3, 2020:

    by Ray DiLorenzo

    No, I am not saying that every parent’s child is a communist. What I am saying is that there are enough young people out there with either an affinity or a sympathy for the communist system to make us all very concerned. The polls show it, the rioting proves it.

    According to a 2019 Gallup poll, 51% of adults, 18 to 29 view socialism positively, while 49% view capitalism positively.

    Parents, especially of strong Christian faith, can hardly believe what comes out of the mouths of their children. College-age young adults go into university as bright eyed, eager-to-learn fledglings and come out bitter, angry, under achievers.
    Why so much of our youth has turned to Communism/Socialism

    Why so much of our youth has turned to Communism/Socialism is a story of the last 100 years. Please, don’t give me that Democratic-Socialist drivel. It’s just another Leftist slogan to misdirect.

    A group of Marxist intellectuals in the 1920s got together in Germany with the purpose of spreading the Russian Communist Revolution in the West, especially in America. This group of Marxists founded the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt to study ways and methods to spread communism. It became known as the Frankfurt School.

    At the same time, Hitler was running roughshod over Germany with his fascism, much of it copied from Mussolini in Italy. Although fascism and communism are kissing cousins, each had a different scapegoat. Communism used class, fascism used race. In any case, Hitler wasn’t going to have it. He wanted no competition.

    By 1933, Hitler had those who were involved in the Frankfurt School deported. They found a welcome home at Columbia University in New York City. They realized early on that what worked in Russia was not going to be accepted in the West, certainly in the United States, because of its strong Judeo-Christian roots and its vast middle-class…the group of people who were not rich, but definitely not poor. The middle-class had little reason to revolt. They had cars, homes with white picket fences, and were clinging to their guns and religion.

    These subversives decided, brilliantly, that breaking down the culture was needed for the populous to accept communism. It included breaking down the Christian foundation, destroying the family structure, feminism, sex education, promoting atheism, hedonism, free sex, abortion, homosexuality, mass migration, globalism, multiculturalism, environmentalism, you name it. They advanced anything that would destroy the traditional family, culture and our moral foundation. Their goal was to set people free to drift, leaving generations of people with no anchor with which to tie on to accept the promise of a collectivist utopia.

    It spread to every major university, junior college, high school, middle school, elementary school, and in many cases, preschool. There is an Institute for Social Research in almost every major university in the United States. Their teaching has been disguised in subjects like Critical Theory, a tool to demonize Christianity, capitalism, and Western civilization. Every student in almost every school today is being exposed to this trash, and in a positive light. Considering the basement level of morality now taught in our schools, Hollywood, and in many modern homes, it is no wonder so many of the young are breaking windows, shooting cops, destroying private property, knocking down statues of people their teachers taught them to hate and some they don’t even know.
    The education system in America today has the stench of almost 100 years of indoctrination akin to re-education camps in communist filth

    The education system in America today has the stench of almost 100 years of indoctrination akin to re-education camps in communist filth. Several generations lost to ignorance and degradation. Disneyland has LGBTQ Day, teachers are being fired or subject to a Reign Of Terror for being conservative, resisting the new morality, the new normal. Students are punished academically and socially for not joining in the sedition. Many libraries and even some U.S. embassies fly the homosexual flag. Most students are not taught anything close to the American history we were taught. And when they are taught our history, it is in a negative context.

    Those political leaders whose lust for power has overruled their desire for public service has now taken over a major part of our political and judicial system, and almost an entire political party. These are the 60s terrorists and their children, and students. They watch quietly with approval as people are murdered and cities are torn apart as they scheme how to use the crisis to their advantage. Only mere pockets of sanity are left. Meanwhile the people in the media, Hollywood, and the Deep State, having attended the same miserable schools, equally indoctrinated, give their blessing. And all the while the church in America says and does what it has done for generations…nothing.

    There may not have been a communist behind every bush like Joe McCarthy had us believe, but take a look now. Old Joe was right after all.

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