Monday, June 1, 2020

George Floyd’s VIOLENT Night — Invading Home Of Single Woman, Robbing and Beating Her At Gunpoint…

First off, i’m half black, grew up only knowing my black side — my mom is black, and i’ve never met my white father (apparently rare circumstances, i’ve only met 1 other person who shares this upbringing with me).
While I’ve never met George Floyd, I am only 3 degrees of seperation from him. Without going in to too much detail, I’m good friends with someone whos father is friends with George. This is who initially told me some of this, and I began digging deeper.

They have us out in the streets, over somebody we shouldn’t lift a finger for.

You see, the thing is — white people seem to ‘disown’ the ones that turn criminal. Think of a typical trailer park ‘white trash’ person. Mullet, you just assume they do meth. There’s plenty where I live and I can vouch — they get harrassed by police, and talked down to by ‘regular’ middle class white people in an almost identical way as a black person who acts ‘ghetto’.
But the (mostly white) media tells us black people to take to the streets, for the same kind of person they easily disown.
Now REALLY think about why. Think about how they must see us.

George Targets Woman Home Alone, Points Gun At Her and Proceeds to TERRORIZE and Rob Her…

George served 5 years for a violent home invasion.
They say George had moved to ‘find work’ but the truth is, his reputation was destroyed in his hometown — he had to leave.
Now this kind of crime takes a deeply sick, violent, frankly disgusting person to pull off. Never targeting a home with 3 young men in their 20’s — nope, and in George’s case he targeted a home where a woman lived alone.

When she screamed for help, he silenced her with a hit to the head...

The media then tells ALL black people “this guy is just like you!”. This should offend us like crazy. But nope, here we are, playing in to it.
This isn’t a guy who stole candy from a gas station, he held a gun to this woman, threatening to murder her, while his buddies robbed her home.
As described in the NYPost
“In 2007, Floyd was charged with armed robbery in a home invasion in Houston, in which another man posed as a water department worker in an attempt to gain access to a woman’s residence, according to court documents.
When the woman realized he wasn’t actually a water department worker, she tried to close the door. That’s when five other men got out of a car that had just pulled up and forced their way inside.
According to charging documents, the largest man in the group, whom the victim identified as Floyd, “forced his way inside the residence, placed a pistol against the complainant’s abdomen, and forced her into the living room area of the residence.”
The Daily Mail has published the official criminal charges from this here.

Tonight when it’s quiet at your home, imagine George showing up…

Armed and willing to beat you if you scream.
They say he appeared ‘helpless’ as he was overpowered by police.
…The woman who George held a gun to used that same word.
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