Sunday, May 12, 2013

THE 3D GUN HAS BEEN BANNED: “The United States Government Claims Control of The Information” *Black Market Download Links Available*

Last weekend Cody Wilson and his team of gun access advocates at Defense Distributed broke ground with the introduction of the first ever 3D printed gun capable of firing a live round.
Immediately after the organization developed proof of concept by firing a .380 caliber round through their new CAD designed and plastic printed Liberator handgun, they released the blueprints for the gun to the general public via their web site.

Over 50,000 users immediately flocked to the site to get a free copy of the plans, which anyone with a 3D printer could then use to print their own handgun.

Gun control proponents went into overdrive against the new technology. By Monday, Senator Charles Schumer of New York, who claimed the developments were “stomach churning” and “must be stopped,” was already in the process of drafting legislation that would ban access to the new technology. Gun control proponents within the Obama administration immediate started looking for a way to shut it down.

Today, they found a way. The government, through the enforcement division of US Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, has demanded that Defense Distributed remove access to all plans for The Liberator project claiming that it may violate the Arms Export Control Act by releasing technical data without prior authorization from the Directorate of Defense Trade.

What this means is that Defense Distributed has allegedly disclosed the gun’s plans illegally.
But here’s the kicker.

They didn’t violate the law by disclosing the blueprints to American citizens. Rather, they are being forced to remove America’s access to the plans because the technical data made available on their wiki web site was accessible by foreign states or individuals, an action which apparently requires authorization from the United States government. (more)

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