Sunday, May 12, 2013

Democrat Congresswoman Admits Gun Registry Meant To ‘Find’ Guns

Many Democrats insist that they really don’t want to take away our guns or impose a national gun registry on Americans. Others are more honest about their ultimate goal. Take Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat of Texas, who recently said she does, indeed, want a national gun registry so that she can track and identify all gun owners.
Rep. Lee joined anti-Constitution protesters outside the National Rifle Association’s annual conference on Houston, Texas at the end of May. At the protest, Lee told the media that she was in favor of a national gun registry, something few Democrats have the guts to admit.
This Democrat has a long history of attacking guns and ignoring those criminals that break the law with them. Not long ago she was heard to urge people not to blame gangbangers for killing people, but instead to blame the guns.
At this protest, though, she made a slight attempt to spin her desire to track every gun owner by claiming that all she really wanted was a way to “find” guns when they are stolen. How a national registry of gun owners would do that she did not say.
Lee claimed she was offering a “hand of friendship” to gun owners with her proposals to limit their rights, track them like criminals, and ban many of the very guns they might want to own.
But if she wants a list of Americans exercising their Constitutional rights, one wonders if she thinks there should be a government registry of bloggers, or newspaper employees who dare to exercise their First Amendment rights. If not, why not?
Rep. Lee also harped on the tired “banning assault weapons” bandwagon during the protest. One would ask criminal James Brisbon’s targeted victims if they think this is such a great idea after they stopped their attacker’s murderous intentions with their own AR-15, one of the very guns that Jackson Lee wants to ban.
Of course, a National registry is only one step away from nation wide gun confiscation. In fact, it necessarily will result in gun confiscation as whenever gun laws are changed it will force authorities to use the registry to go take away any newly banned guns. It already happened in Australia and Canada. It has happened here, too. Late last year New York laws were used to confiscate guns from citizenswhen its newest gun laws were passed late last year. Despite what Democrats blithely claim today, it would happen here, too.Worse, that is their intention.
Don’t tell us that government won’t use laws to confiscate our guns. It’s already happened.

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