Sunday, June 10, 2012

A View From Space, Gary Bell, June 9, 2012

TOPICS:  Numerology, Jubilee, 3:33, Number 28, Feast of the Beast, Bilderberg, Satan, Sexagesimal, N.W.O, Witches Callendar, Maya Goddess, Mayday Wild wood, Jethro tull's Cup of Wonder, 8 Sabbats, November 6th, Friday 13th, End Game, Tribulation, E.U. Marc, 10 Regions, Union of Nations, Antichrist Prince William, World economic Crisis, American bailout, Rapture, Armageddon, Confirmation of the Covenant, Daniel 9/27, Temple Mount, False messiah
Attack by Russia, House of David, The Christ Returned, D.N.A, 14th of Nissan, 144,000, 10 note musical scale, Aliens, Judgement of the Nations, Number 11, King of Angmar, August 11 11:11am 1999, Camelot, The Grail Kings, 7th Marquess, Nuclear Attack, Nostradamus, King of Terror,  King Arthur the Second, Arthur's Star, Solar Eclipse, Luna Eclipse, Diana, Alignment of the Stars, WW3, Masonic Knights, End of Religion, Libraries of Atlantis, Roslyn Chapel.

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