Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Conspiracy Cafe with George Freund -"The Sword of Damocles" 2012-06-14

 USS Liberty remembered. Missile launch over Israel. Nuclear event at Michigan Indiana border. Davis-Besse nuclear plant leak. Are the monitors sending out false data? Sorcha Faal top disinformation source. Fukusima II new hole drilled in the fault line. London Olympics nuclear waste pit. The New Jerusalem and the dark Satanic Mills. Are the NWO trying to create the Apocalypse in London? 11,000 fake I.D.'s in London town. Ministry of Defence expert prepared for alien invasion at Olympics. Spain to be sacrificed. Capital controls, withdrawal limits coming for Europe. Germany to lead Europe as Hitler planned. D Day lost by our leaders. Greece to be starved into submission. Spain forced to beg. The Compton Report out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise. Capital flight is the economy slayer. Pensions hit in California. Italian Bank holiday. Serve your billionaire live with nothing so he may live with everything. 21 signs for the Global Meltdown. Prince Charles' sex offender friend. RCMP Corporal spills the beans on serial killer Pickton. Syrian Ghost killers CIA. Cameron leaves daughter behind in bar. Former Prime Minister reveals Murdoch threats. New Google spies in the air. On Conspiracy Cafe it's the Sword of Damocles.

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