Friday, June 22, 2012

Conspiracy Cafe with George Freund "London's Burning" 2012-06-05

 Venus if you will power sign for Queen's Jubilee. Fire at WTC. Bob Chapman succumbs to 'cancer'. Toronto's Eaton Center shooting mind control exercise. Is Luka Magnotta Paul Bernardo's son? Body parts mailed to political elites. Was Luka an MK Ultra experiment. Horror film star his only friend and fellow resident. What are the odds? Police ignored complaints. Magnotta had contact with Murdoch (Murder) Inc. Bilderberg selects Vice President, desires to kill Ron Paul, offers carbon tax to suck the money out of you. Alberta Premier Alison Redford tapped to lead. Was the election rigged? Valerie Jarrett controls the Obama's. Olympic Park nuclear waste dump dust could infect and kill many. Larry Silverstein's 9/11 partner controls the gate to the Olympics. Meet Frank Lowy. Rockefeller's Scenarios for the Future include 13,000 killed at the Olympics and 8 million killed by the flu. Prayer event London's Burning a deeper shade of HEll. The New World Order Polio Emergency. Gates key to genocide. Europe weakens. Irish county dumped Euro and prospered. Mega rich lose mega billions and still head for the crash. Flash crash device installed for the markets. Blockupy surround European Central Bank. Rap music created to fill prisons owned by music industry. Live without money and be happy. Nuclear waste dumps for all. Crop Circle tells the time. RU ready? London's Burning on Conspiracy Cafe.

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