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Top Secret Medicine

Walter C. Vetsch |

Originally, scholars had free access to the state of the art knowledge of the time. However, beginning around the 1940’s, knowledge was gradually split into two streams. Total knowledge was restricted and reserved for the elite members of the ruling class.

General knowledge, which was a modified and censored version of total knowledge, was made available to the remainder of the population. As new discoveries were made, they were screened to determine whether they would be allowed to be known by the general population or whether they would be reserved only for use by the elite.

As time passed, more and more new discoveries were considered to be reserved for the elite and less and less were allowed to enter the stream of general knowledge available to the masses. Today, when science students reach the graduate level, many find that they need a top secret or “Q” clearance just to get access to basic information they need to successfully continue their studies.

In physics, for example, you could easily spend years memorizing math equations only to be told that there are “uncertainties” and a comprehensive understanding is “impossible”. However, if you could get your hands on a top secret physics book, you would notice that all these classic “uncertainties” had been resolved and you would find chapters dealing with temporal science, antigravity technology and faster than light propulsion.

Even seemingly innocuous sciences are subject to secrecy. Theatrical people such as actors, makeup artists and special effects experts are often recruited to facilitate sophisticated “psyop” operations designed to manipulate public opinion, trick enemies or program select populations. Anyone recruited for such endeavors would need to agree to keep the knowledge of their activities secret.

Conventional and Top Secret Medicine

There is a fundamental difference between conventional and top secret medicine. People with access to top secret medicine include those who live physically forever and stay in perfect health. People who use conventional medicine have limited life spans, suffer needlessly from diseases because the cures are classified, and suffer from illnesses deliberately caused to boost the profits of the conventional medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Also, in countries without socialized medicine such as the United States, there is the issue of cost. Top secret medicine is free. It is an entitlement for the chosen elite. Conventional medicine, which is a guarantee of certain death, however, must be paid for.

The community of the world elite live in a socialized environment. A perfect life is considered a right. However, in order to guarantee this right, the general population or the slave class must toil and die to service their needs.

It should be easy to see why top secret medicine is secret. Obviously, if the ordinary people ever realized the truth, they too would demand perfect health and indefinite life.

Who are the people who will live forever and rule this world? Some common sense should help you identify them. Ordinary people generally think about retirement — that quiet period at the end of their lives when they are free from whatever slave labor they have been doing. However, if you look around, you will notice many “very well preserved” old people — mostly men — who are active and running the country and the world at an age when their “ordinary” contemporaries would be in nursing homes. They never retire.

Why would you want to live at this pace if your next step was the grave? Most likely, you would not. However, if you knew death would never come for you because you were a member of the super elite and would live physically forever, your behavior would be completely understandable.

Top Secret Drugs

The most popular top secret drug is the so called “health kit.” This is a cocktail of drugs which gives the user immunity to all known diseases. This includes man-made diseases such as AIDS. Health kits are generally reserved for the super elite who have been granted physical immortality.

There are also many mind control drugs developed during years of CIA and military experiments. These agents facilitate programming manchurian candidates, altering the behavior of foreign leaders and, of course, quiet and undetectable assassinations.

Here are some general categories:

1. Military Use Agents. Examples would include biological weapons, mind control agents, exotic poisons, implants and electromagnetic technologies which effect life processes.

2. Enhancement Agents. Examples would include intelligence boosting drugs [used to create child geniuses who work at the secret national labs], agents to assist remote viewers [high doses of bilberry extract is reported to be in use] and “rambo” drugs and implants used to create fearless “super soldiers”.

3. Consciousness Alteration. Examples would include mind control agents, agents to assist out of body activities and agents used to remove blocks to the recall of previous lives.

4. Vaccines and Antidotes. Examples would include all of the various vaccines which keep the elite disease free but are withheld from the general population as well as the secret antidotes to agents used against the general population such as disease causing agents like AIDS as well as a variety of control agents and debilitating agents added to the food supply.

Top Secret Medical Devices

Top secret medical devices include such gadgets as consciousness transference machines, aura balancing machines and the temporal reversal machine. These devices are generally reserved for the super elite who have been guaranteed eternal physical life.

There are many other top secret devices which are used to enhance lower level functionaries who are important but who will not be granted physical immortality. The largest class of such devices are implants. Perhaps the most common are communications implants. These are generally dental implants which allow constant undetectable two-way communication between an agent and his controllers. The support system for this is satellite-based and guarantees worldwide coverage. Other classes of implants would include augmentation devices such as the classic “Rambo chip implant”, said to create a “super soldier”. Implants are used on “disposable” operatives. The super elite would want to be above such things.

Another class of secret medical devices would include “tags”. Tags are physical or chemical agents used to mark specific people or classes of people so they can be located and tracked by surveillance satellites. To be effective, the target must be unaware that he or she has been tagged. Tags are often administered by doctors because people generally trust doctors, allow them close access to their bodies and are totally unaware that tagging is possible. For example, tag detection satellites silently and secretly patrol the Mexican border. High profile people who are aware of tagging take precautions. Osama Bin Laden reportedly avoided detection because his hideout had a lead roof.

Early research centered on melding traditional psychic skills with modern high technology and, wherever possible, creating inanimate devices which could duplicate the abilities of natural psychics.

David Morehouse, in his book Psychic Warrior mentions a secret device the government had developed which could detect if a remote viewer was psychically present in the vicinity.

One result of this research was the Aura Balancing Machine. Natural psychic healers can do aura balancing. First, of course, you have to know that the aura is there, then you have to be able to see it. Having done this, you can now look for defects — weak spots or holes — and you must then repair whatever problems you found by appropriately channeling energy to the problem areas.

As a living person, you can’t do this constantly. However, a machine can. So, the aura balancing machine is basically a magnetic field generator which is controlled by a computer which is programmed with a model of a “perfect” aura. It scans the aura, detects defects and then calculates and applies the correction forces. The MRI machine is a spin-off of the secret research which developed the Aura Balancing Machine.

We must also consider extensive store of genetic knowledge. Much of this knowledge is public. Much more is secret. Over ten years ago, selected police departments were given a secret genetic analyzer which would produce a person’s fingerprints and photograph when a DNA sample from the person was inputted into the machine.

Even though this may sound incredible, remember that this device is “old technology”. We can hardly guess what the current state of the art in secret genetic knowledge might be. We know designer organisms are common and the ultimate product of this research will be a new race of laboratory created designer people.

Early Life Extension Technologies

The early life extension technologies consisted of what may best be described as controlled reincarnation. These technologies were based upon creating a subspace of the Creation using a Faraday cage. Anyone can make this device which is simple and not a secret.

Basically, it is a cage made out of metallic mesh like screen wire. It is electrically charged with respect to ground and can be any size. The high voltage supply from any older tube TV will work just fine. The secret part is that Robert Monroe, who could project Astrally at will, found and told researchers that he was unable to escape from such a cage in his Astral body because the electricity, which was invisible in our dimension, was not only visible but solid in the Astral dimension. He found himself trapped in this electrical “net”.

Working with psychics who understood the basics of reincarnation, a plan was developed which would guarantee that the spirit of a dying person would reincarnate in a specific new human baby. Normally, spirits of the dead drift into the Astral planes and eventually reincarnate back on Earth — somewhere. However, “somewhere” is not much use if you are interested in a specific person.

So, the controlled reincarnation technology works like this. You take whoever is expected to die and seal the person in a Faraday cage with a “freshly pregnant girl”. The dead person’s spirit is trapped in the cage and there is only one reincarnation option, namely, the unborn child of the girl in the cage.

The problem with this technique is that the newborn child, like most people undergoing natural reincarnation, will not remember its previous life or who it was. Solving this problem required development of a secret “wake-up technique” which was used at the age of about five to get the kid to remember who he had been before he died. Although this technique was perfected, as you can see, it had some extra complexities and the time delay problem of five years being “lost” and then having to put up with a juvenile body for another ten or so years. These problems stimulated further research.


Basically, blanks are living human bodies with no Souls. Creation of and working with blanks is one of the projects attributed to the Dulce, New Mexico, underground base. There are some very practical reasons for wanting a supply of blanks. If someone who is considered important has lost his physical body in a way that makes recovery impossible (say, e.g., they were in a plane that exploded), you would want to get their spirit into a working physical form as soon as possible. Ordinarily, bodies are occupied by Souls and so they are not available. Also, human bodies die when the Soul permanently leaves and the silver cord breaks. However, if you could figure out a way to remove the Soul but have the body remain viable, you could train your important people to seek one of the blanks you have waiting on “stand by”, occupy the blank and return to human life.

Consciousness Transference

Consciousness transference from one living form to another has always been possible. In ancient Tibetan literature it is known as Phowa. However, in order to achieve consciousness transference on your own without any technology, you must have significant mystic training.

In the past, when the distractions we enjoy today such as all the electronic mediums did not exist, people had lots of free time to use for the development of their natural psychic abilities. Today, they not only do not have the time but are also simply not interested in making the effort. However, they do want the results.

Modern consciousness transference devices have been compared to a pair of phone booths — one for the source and the other for the recipient. They are said to be based on original concepts developed by Nikola Tesla. He supplied the world with brilliant ideas, many of which, such as the theory of antigravity propulsion which has now been perfected and is in use, remain secret today.

The basis of the consciousness transfer device appears to have originated with Tesla’s experiments which used electrical fields to create a Star Trek-like transporter. The problem was that living things always arrived dead, but dead things such as a brick arrived just fine.

Tesla had not heard Robert Monroe’s favorite saying, “You are more than your physical body”, most likely because Monroe had not said it yet. Anyway, transporting only the physical matter of a living body without also transporting the “more” resulted in a dead body. Then someone suggested that the “more” which was not being transported included the consciousness. So, if the consciousness remained in the source “container”, would transporting a different physical form (striped of the “more”) into the container result in the consciousness melding with the new form. Clearly, they do not publish their research notes for ordinary people to read but this was the basic “flow” of the research which led to the development of the devices in use today.

Spirit Recovery and Clones

As soon as government scientists heard about the concept of cloning, they made plans to create human clones. Of course, they had to do some basic research and experimentation first. In the beginning, they felt that genetic information only coded for a physical form. However, when they cloned a dog, which just happened to be a show dog trained to respond to specific commands, and found, to their surprise, that the clone also responded to the same commands, they learned a secret which remains top secret today: The genetic code also contains memories. A clone is not just something that physically looks like the original. It is the original, complete with memories.

Having discovered this secret, the next step was, logically, “bringing people back from the dead”. If you had a good DNA sample from someone who was now dead, could you bring the person back to life by making a clone using that DNA? The answer seems to be “sometimes”.

To understand “sometimes” you need a little basic knowledge of just where the dead are. Most are on a lower Astral plane and do not even realize they are dead because they had no mystic training and were convinced that death was “the end”. Generally, you can get these people back. However, if the Soul has some mystic awareness and has accessed a higher plane, you cannot recover them as they have no desire to return to this place. Fortunately for the government, the kind of people they relate to as important are educated atheists who have no spiritual knowledge and deny the existence of anything beyond ordinary physical reality.

Temporal Reversal Technology

Temporal reversal is the latest and most preferred life extension technology. Basically, it is a gadget which reverses time. You get in as old and come out as young — twenties is the preferred age. How does it work?

Well, it is based on temporal science or the study and understanding of time. This science also explains time travel techniques. Never heard of it? Well, you never will. However, with some common sense, you should be able to conclude that it does exist.

Scientists are curious people. They spend a fortune to get rocks back from the Moon and look at mud on Mars. But, you never hear them talk about time. Wouldn’t that excite your curiosity — unless, of course, you already knew the answer? This technique has one flaw that could lead to its exposure one day. That flaw is that the person’s DNA is unchanged. Since no two people have identical DNA, if you located a young kid with DNA identical to a known deceased person, you would have physical evidence of this technique.

Top Secret Psychiatry

To illustrate top secret psychiatry and compare it against conventional psychiatry, we will use David Morehouse’s book Psychic Warrior which we have referenced in other books. David Morehouse was in the military and so the psychiatrist he saw was a government psychiatrist. Mr. Morehouse tells the psychiatrist about his “angel friend”, an invisible being only he can see. The psychiatrist is thrilled. He tells Morehouse, “Here, look over these top secret documents. You appear have psychic talents. How would you like to become a remote viewer in our secret psychic spy program?”. OK, so we can say that the doctor’s response was positive.

Now, let’s speculate on what Mr. Morehouse’s fate would have been if he was not in the military. Suppose he was just a regular guy and he walked into a conventional psychiatrists office saying, “Hi there. I wanted to talk to you about my friend. My friend is an angel. He’s invisible. He only talks to me. No one else can see him.” How many minutes do you think it would take for the guys in white coats with the straight jacket to haul David away?

His story gives us a perfect illustration of the difference between conventional and top secret medicine in psychiatry.

As you can see, top secret practitioners focus upon the development and expansion of the human spirit whereas conventional practitioners focus upon negative psychic development, decay and death. Conventional psychiatry has always focused on techniques to destroy the mind using brain surgery, brain damage caused by insulin coma, brain damage using electric stun devices developed originally to “pacify” livestock in slaughterhouses before they are killed (ECT) and drugs which cause brain damage and shorten the victim’s life expectancy by about 25 years.

Beyond the Manchurian Candidate

Here we want to get into some of the newer consciousness manipulation technologies. We all know about the classic manchurian candidates such as those used against Robert Kennedy and John Lennon. These were “one way”, for want of a better phrase, programming techniques. Once the “candidate” finished his mission, he lost memory of the event and, if he survived, was pretty useless and clueless.

We know that the US government has spent an incredible amount of money and effort researching and developing mind control technology. Walter Bowart, in his book Operation Mind Control (1978; this out of print book can be found for free on the internet as a .pdf file), describes the routine use of technologies to make enlisted service men forget what they had done once they were discharged. These techniques were used on the subject without his knowledge.

Apparently, this technology has now reached a high stage of perfection and is being used on government operatives who actually volunteer for this. Legally, this kind of stuff is covered by what is called a “Human Use Agreement” which basically states that you give the government permission to use your body for its purposes as it pleases. These new techniques are reversible and are claimed to be safe. Here is how it is said they are used.

Traditionally, if you are planning some covert assignment, you would look for an operative whose natural personality was compatible with the assignment — like the Mission Impossible team leader looking through his agent files to pick who was suitable for the new mission. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you did not need to look for a natural match but could, instead, program an agent with a new personality which was taylor-made for the job. This is reportedly how the new technology works.

The agent is called in and agrees to do the mission. He does not know what the mission is. Then, his natural mind is suppressed and a new personality and life history is inserted. He then proceeds with the mission which could be days, weeks, months or even years. When he completes the mission, he is programmed to return to base. His “mission mind” is erased and his real mind is restored. He collects his pay and gets some time off. He never knows what he did.

This technique protects both the agent and the government. The government does not have to worry that the agent might talk and the agent, clueless about whatever he has just done, does not have any concerns about PTSD, or a troubled conscious. The “lost memories” would be, however, recorded in the Akashic records. These records cannot be erased.

Philosophy and Ethics

There are many good arguments for government secrets. You could say, for example, that ordinary people should not know how to launch bombs. That’s reasonable. However, is it reasonable to argue that some people should have perfect health because they are “important” while ordinary people should live at the peril of a host of preventable and curable diseases because it is convenient for the ruling elite to have it that way?

A long time ago — and who knows why — maybe they were smoking funny cigarettes or something — the future designers of the United States wrote that they believed all men were created equal and were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights which included the right to life, liberty and pursuit of property (later changed to “happiness” as the two were seen as identical).

Today, our society has developed into a plutocracy where a few people have realized their “pursuit of property” right to the point that they now own everything and have developed the philosophy that they should also have exclusive access to “life and liberty” since they are somehow special while the rest of us are not.

Actually, the authors of the Declaration of Independence wrote their document to defy the authority of a previous plutocracy and proclaim that they would no longer play that game and submit to tyranny. So, has the time come for history to repeat itself or has the desire for legitimate personal freedom been permanently extinguished?

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