Monday, March 26, 2012

Lindsey Williams & Radio Liberty - March. 22, 2012

Lindsey Williams & Radio Liberty - March. 22, 2012 : the elite want the Keystone pipeline , Obama disappointed them when he refused to allow it although he seems to have changed his mind recently , Pastor Lindsey Williams this time reveals the name of one of his elite sources a long time Wall street insider , the plan of the elite who are delaying the total financial collapse because they want to have every country every city in America in so much debt that when the collapse happens they will have no choice but to accept the NWO new currency and conditions , Pastor Lindsey Williams also predicts hyperinflation in America before the end of 2012 , the US dollar will become practically useless as the prices of goods will sky rocket , gold and silver are the elite's money everything else is just paper and whatever is printed on paper is worth the paper it is printed on says Lindsey Williams
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