Friday, March 23, 2012

Lindsey Williams : The Secrets of the Elite 2012

(Lindsey williams - proof Negative Show - 14 March 2012 ) is back with some more insights from his elite friends , some of the key points, are : in order to understand the elite's mind set you need to listen to the buzz words in this case the 'derivatives' which will bring the total collapse of the financial system and the death of the US Dollar by the end of 2012 , this does not mean that the dollar won't be existent, it means that it will lose most of its purchasing power (due to hyperinflation) there will be no shortages of food but the prices will be sky-high , prepare for $6 or $7 gas a gallon , Saudi Arabia is building the biggest oil refinery in world's history in china and soon it will be selling its oil to china without using the petro dollar aka the US dollar this will precipitate the death of the US Dollar
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