Sunday, June 6, 2021

COVID-1984 What you need to know about the virus and the vaccine

There are people greatly exaggerating the cyber-attacks which I believe were at least “inspired” by
the WEF for they have been targeting the very industries the Great Reset wants to be shut down –
meat production and fossil fuels.

They can attack individual systems and shut them down. They cannot take down the entire global

The far greater risk is that (1) the vaccines create sterility, and (2) COVID will mutate into someone
far worse next year. Additionally, they can target the gene sequence of specific ethnic groups and
create a disease today that would kill all Jews, Italians, Germans, or whoever they have determined
stands in their way.

I have key sources in mainstream media who would love to publish the truth but are blocked by
management. When early on any investigative journalist would have followed the lead of the
Wuhan lab leak and was told by the upper management that was off the table. I know also from
inside the scientific community that people have been writing papers to support this COVID agenda
that they are told to write fiction.

I know far more than I dare to even write because I cannot compromise my sources. There is
resistance and with each new leak, it is growing. Unfortunately, this World Economic Forum is as
dangerous as Hitler. They are breaking all the ethics because they believe that the ends justify the

Everyone knows me. I do not make up shit for the sake of gaining readership. I am not 25 trying to
build a business or impress anyone. I can go walk the beach and feed the birds and just chill. But I
am not stupid. I know these people. I have been face to face with just about all of them and yes I
have even shaken hands with Schwab – not many can say that; they just write opinions on what they
“think” will happen.

For years I have listened to their arguments for a one-world government and laughed that it was no
different than the dream to conquer the world under Communism. This time it is different! I believe
they have the money of Soros and Gates to fund this take over of the world. I also BELIEVE that
bribes have been made to world leaders that were too great to ignore. Nevertheless, just like the
bankers who thought they could bribe their way to guaranteed perfect trades, they will also fail. You
cannot bribe your way to eliminate the cycle.. Sometimes it is simply nature like destroying the
Mongol fleets twice in their attempt to invade Japan which they said they were protected by the
Divine Wind – “Kamakasi”

From various sources, there are people out to assassinate those who have participated in the
COVID Scam. This will become much more common in 2022. I would not rule out at least attempts
to assassinate Bill Gates, George Soros, and Klaus Schwab for starters. The worst of the anarchist
movement ALWAYS came with the decline in the Economic Confidence Model. The target year
2022 is also when the rise in assassinations should unfold.

We have entered a serious period and this stupid attempt to force the Great Reset upon the world
will fail, but it will change the playing field dramatically.



IMO — how this planned epidemic will unfold unless some outside influence interrupts the execution of WEF plans ……

The recently updated CDC policy to reduce the cycles used for VAXXED individuals to <25 will lower or eliminate false positives for that group. Concurrently, the cycle rate for UNVAXXED individuals is to remain at +35-40 which will continue to create +97% false positive results. Thus the number of cases advertised daily for "VAXXED" will drop and "UNVAXXED" will continue to rise.

As we then enter the next flu season, there will be a massive encouragement for everyone to take the annual flu shot (as further protection of course). This flu shot will trigger the spike proteins antibodies that have been continuously replicating within the body (and cannot be shut off). These in turn will attack the flu virus vaccine and trigger massive destruction/death/illness for those that have been mRNA vaxxed.

Authorities will then point to the decline in cases of the VAXXED and the continued high number of cases in the UNVAXXED (false positives) as proof that the vaxxes are working and are NOT the cause of the death and destruction being experienced. Instead it will be labelled as the fault of the UNVAXXED (just look at how high their their case count is).

This will lead to PHASE FIVE societal/governmental push for mandatory vaccination of the UNVAXXED as the only way to deal with ever increasing death toll from COVID-19.

For those that survive the next fall season — in early 2022 a new virus will emerge (COVID-21 — just gooogle it) that will classified as a mutated version of Covid-19 (note: that scientific experts are saying that variants have zero — yes zero — chance of being different enough to affect anything). As the death/destruction continue due to overwhelming antibodies and the spike protein attacking internal organs, yet another round of miracle mRNA shots will be ordered for immediate worldwide consumption — thus putting even more toxic spike proteins into VAXXED bodies.

Rinse & repeat — until there are no UNVAXXED remaining and then they finally put whatever they want into the monthly/quarterly vax updates that are now mandatory in order to control the continuous creation of antibodies. Population levels can then be managed down to whatever the optimal worldwide headcount is deemed optimal.


If orchestrated from the above group, there will be people who become disenchanted or disgruntled and come out of the woodwork. The truth will come out.

Once the PCR test, the foundation of the lockdowns, is no longer churning out the asymptomatic cases over a CT score of 35, then the narrative will be exposed for what it is. A Casedemic fraud.
Yes, people died but from all causes.

I have no idea what the long-term effects of the experimental gene therapy will be on the population. The rollout for a illness that is nasty but has a survival rate over 99% for most of the population, gives the impression of a hard sell.

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