Saturday, October 24, 2020

Canada and Covid Mania with Rocco Galati

Seems pretty dead on ,nothing conspiracy theory or tin foil hat in the video .The main issues on why this is happening right now are plentiful,here are my opinions and some are harsh :

1: Too many people now need the government’s to live where as in our past (mid-80’s and before) , people had much more pride and fended for themselves financially ,with children care,medical etc .

2: Modern media and social media (i.e. Propaganda) are 100% completely controlled unless you examine alternative media for both sides of the story (few do).

3: We have been out breed by the stupid .With modern education being literally a joke ( feminism studies and gender studies ) ..... you can’t ask a new generation of youth to have our same values when they were never taught them .Children today are raised by iPads ,Netflix and google .

4: To continue my 3rd point of being out breed by the stupid or clueless falls into the category of immigration. Now don’t get me wrong many immigrants are not stupid HOWEVER they are so thankful for not living in their third world hell, that when the get here finally ,even being controlled is a huge step up from almost starving elsewhere .In clear terms they are useful idiots to our politicians because they don’t even realize they are being manipulated.

5: Accountability (or lack there of): our political system is a flat out joke and there really isn’t any form of accountability when politicians screw up as seen going on right now .These lawyers and businessmen that are now our MP’s senators ,ministers are all in this for themselves and they all know they will get away with whatever they want .

6: The only way this MAY change is when the country hits rock bottom and people start going hungry. By that time only will war change and reverse the damage which will literally take generations to even remotely correct things and even then (basing things off Venezuela right now ), I’m not even sure that will work. 

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