Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wikileaks Reveals the Reason for Flynn’s Resignation

America was seriously shaken by the vast number of leaks. Each of the scandals costed someone’s career.
WikiLeaks appeared again, and this time it’s a shocking statement that froze the blood in our veins. The statement reveals the real reason for the National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn’s resignation. According to Assange:

Flynn’s resignation letter confirmed this. The National Security Adviser wrote that he “inadvertently briefed the Vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding phone calls with the Russian Ambassador.”
This was fit for a scandal. Again. But, yes, we’re used to that. Biased media and democrats did everything to make Americans forget about the activities by James Clapper. All the lies, all the twisted activities. Clapper tried to hide his domestic surveillance program, and the court already considered it illegal.
Clapper didn’t resign, and he was never prosecuted as well. No charges, no lies, no blames, no accusations. Are Obama’s people privileged, or is it just our blurry mind? Clapper got out of office at the same day Obama left the White House.
Flynn talked with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in January about any sanctions for Russia. These sanctions were imposed by Obama’s administration.

Was this all aimed towards President Donald Trump? Maybe this has a major plot, and we’re not even aware of it. What was the real purpose of all this? Let’s talk about double standards, shall we? Wikileaks already warned us that this year will bring a lot of leaks, but no one expected the leaks will be against Trump administration. Below is the latest interview with Julian Assange:

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