Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The NHL Surrenders to Social Justice Warriors by Adding LGBTQ Ambassadors

by John Galt

Good old hockey.
The last sport to resist the political correctness movement and after the recent labor strife in 2012-2013 and season cancellation in 2005, it appeared that the National Hockey League was finally making a comeback. It resisted the sissification of its game unlike the NFL, it proudly proclaimed that hockey was for everyone who wanted to be a fan, and men were allowed to be men.

To bad they didn’t learn any lessons from the NFL’s precipitous TV ratings decline, declining attendance, and general disgust expressed by Joe Six-Pack towards the politically correct towards the commissioner and sensitive social justice warriors like Kapernick.

The NHL may soon find itself without my fan dollars also if they keep suporting SJW insanity like this (via the Washington Free Beacon tonight):

Each NHL Team Has an ‘LGBTQ-Inclusion Ambassador’ Now

Seriously? Yes, seriously. From the article:
“In support of their longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion in hockey, the National Hockey League, the League’s Member Clubs and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) will spotlight a variety of community-related initiatives for Hockey Is For Everyone™ month,” the NHL said in a statement last week. “Every day throughout February, Hockey Is For Everyone activities will focus awareness on such areas as LGBTQ; ethnicity and gender equality; socio-economic status and those with disabilities.”
The ambassadors’ purpose is for other players to have someone they can “reach out to if they need support.” Outsports.com noted, “there has never been a current or former NHL player who has come out publicly.”
For those that are SJW impaired, the “diversity” word is used to drive violence out of sports, impose quotas based on race, religion, or sexual preference(s), turn men into effeminate wusses, and inject by demanding the teams share revenues with their favorite local politically correct causes. The problem for the NHL and NHLPA that they don’t realize is that the fans could not give a crap less who the players slept with or anything relating to sexual preferences in the game. It is irrelevant to the game, how we as fans feel about the players, or if we use that to justify going or not going to watch them in person or on television.

Once this gets cranked up look for promos like “Fags for the Flyers”, “Queers for Quebec”, “Trannies for Toronto”, or sigh, “Lesbians for Lightning” (that’s my home team, by the way for my new readers). Of course it means that the players will be forced into sensitivity training, the communities subjected to gay players kissing on the ice, or worse, being forced to wear tutus and play the game without hitting each other until after 9 pm local time to prevent hurting someone’s feelings.

The worst part may be the changes to the overtime rules where “shootouts” occur as that is too violent at term so the SJW’s will probably make them change the rules into something more peaceful like Parcheesi for points.

Excuse me now while I vomit, as I’m done being tolerant, understanding, or putting up with this politically correct BS. I may just have to stick with college football as my only sport until they turn it into two handed touch or pink flag football and ruin that great game also.


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