Sunday, April 26, 2015

Utopian Socialism -- Social Workers kidnaping children in Norway

Norwegian social workers Barnevernet are doing what they do daily, kidnap children
This video shows how a less than a year old girl Anna is being kidnapped. Kidnapping is made by the Norwegian Barnevernet ( social services ) who snatches children on a regular basis from traditional families. As you can see the is no resistance possible against 3 of those bastards, 2 of which pressed the young mother against the floor. Child is being brought to a secret address unknown to the family or relatives.

As the official statistics of Norway point out, that annually over 10.000 children are being kidnapped without any investigation or a hearing before a judge, and without showing any paperwork.

This is 5-6 children every hour. In who's interest those children are being taken know only government officials. Corruption level in the field of child trade / adoption in Norway is the highest in the world. Some actually say that Norwegian mafia is involved in it.
Mothers who give birth are being called in Norway: bags who carry the nation's offspring.
Government actually set a goal to remove 100% of the children from their biological parents.

Platon's plan, that how the plan is called of destroying traditional families in Norway ( and in many other countries across Europe ). You can read about all this on many websites made by Norwegian parents.

Here is a small example of what is happening in Norway:

The same things are happening in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland.

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