Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lindsey Williams 2015 Elite Agenda Revealed! When Will The Fireworks Begin?

Realist News was recently the recipient of Lindsey Williams’ 2015 Elite Agenda in which Lindsey shares secrets of what is soon to come in the financial world. The video below shares news of when ‘the fireworks’ might begin as Lindsey’s ‘elitist friend’ warned over a year ago that we may only have another year to a year-and-a-half left. We also learn that a brand new 7-year business cycle is set to begin as we quickly move into 2015. Summary of Lindsey’s new work begins at 2 minutes 20 seconds into the video. You can purchase Lindsey’s new video yourself here. First, from Lindsey.:

The Elite have told me what will happen in 2015.

I can keep silent no longer. I must tell you what I know. This DVD will be one of the greatest assets you will have in 2015 as you watch these events transpire. 2015 will be the most unusual year you or I have ever lived through. 

It has been very difficult for me to produce this DVD. I could not decide how to tell you what I have been told in a way that will persuade you to believe it.

In this single DVD, I concluded that it would take several guests and even the heavens to try to describe what will happen in 2015. 

Never before in history have there been such unusual and startling events that will challenge your very soul.

Through the blood moons, God is trying to warn you.

History is trying to tell you through the Cycles of Seven. 

The Elite have zapped you and you are wondering, “what in the world is wrong with me.”

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