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9-11 Research Video and PDF Archive Links


Massimo Mazzucco: September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor (FULL)
9/11Truth : The Elephant In The Room - Full Movie
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth (Full unreleased version)
Pilots for 911 Truth: 9/11 intercepted (Full version):
9/11:Blueprint for Truth [The Architecture of Destruction] (Full Length)
William Lewis: 9/11 In Plane Site (Directors Cut)
Eric Hufschmid: Painful Deceptions 911 Documentary (Full)
Richard Gage: 9/11 Explosive Evidence - The Experts Speak Out (Fullversion)
Mike Ruppert: The Truth and Lies of 9/11 (Full Length)
Rick Siegel: 911 Eyewitness Documentary
JamesEaston: 9/11 - The Biggest Lie
9/11:THE SENSIBLE DOUBT - [Danish Mini-documentary about 9/11]

Don Paul and Jim Hoffman, 2005: "9/11 Guilt"
Barbara Honegger 2013: "Behind the Smoke Curtain"
David Ray Griffin, 2011: "911 Miracles"
Susan Lindauer, 2010: "Extreme prejudice"
Webster Tarpley, 2009: "9/11 False Flag Terrorism - The Precedents &The Reality"
Niels Harrit, 2012: "9/11 & The Seventh Tower"
Consensus911- Best Evidence Panel
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth
Pilots for 911 Truth
RememberBuilding 7
Patriots Question 911
Journal of 911 Studies
ActorsAnd Artists for 911 Truth
Firefightersfor 911 Truth (archive)
Journalistsand Other Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Journalist Christoffer Bollyn, USA -
JournalistJ ohn Pilger, England -
Journalist Ken Jebsen, Germany -
Journalist Lars Schall, Germany -
Journalist Massimo Mazzucco, Italy -
Journalist Tommy Hansen, Denmark -
American Free Press -
Centerfor Public Integrity, USA -
ConspiracyQueries,Canada -
Global Research,Canada -
Infowars,USA -
ThePeople's Voice, UK -
UKProgressive -

R. Nelson, Princeton University: "Extended Analysis: September 11 2001in Context"
Lars Schall, "Insider Trading on 9/11 - The Facts Laid Bare"
Kevin Ryan, "Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attacks of September11," 18 Nov. 2010
Roger Nelson, "Formal Analysis, September 11, 2001," 2001
R. Nelson, "Coherent Consciousness and Reduced Randomness:Correlations on September 11, 2001," Journal of ScientificExploration, Vol. 16, No. 4, pp. 549-570, 2002.
USNational Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States,"Staff Monograph on the Four Flights and Civil Aviation Security,"26 Aug. 2004, 12 Sep. 2005 release
Michael Ruppert, "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil," New Society Publishers, 2004. pp.238-253
Reuters,"German Firm Probes Final World Trade Center Deals," 17 Dec. 2001
San Francisco Chronicle, "Canada asked to aid SEC probe: Trading beforeSept. 11 checked
Foreignpolicy:Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side
Haaretz Digital: Odigo says workers were warned of attack
Activist Post: 9/11 Foreknowledge Caught on Computers that Measure Global Mind
Michael J. Ruppert: The Case for Bush Administration Advance Knowledge of9-11 Attacks
Princeton University: Variance Deviations on September 11
SF Gate San Fransisco: Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross, "Willie Browngot low-key early warning about air travel," 12 Sep. 2001
911Research:Pre-9/11 Put Options on Companies Hurt by Attack IndicatesForeknowledge

YouTube:Who diverted the fighter jets:
YouTube:Who controlled the planes:
YouTube:Highjacking the air defence:
YouTube:The 9/11 war games:
YouTube:9/11 intercepted:
-- Jump-StartsResponse to Attacks:
Informationclearinghouse: Wargames 9/11:
USAToday on NORAD:
Global Security: Amalgam Warrior:
History Commons:Amalgam Warrior:
VanityFair:The Norad Tapes:
History Commonson Office of NationalPreparedness:
OEM,Operation Tripod:
History Commons,Vigilant Guardian:
911-blogger:Real World or Excersize:
Toronto Star (Cached) on Vigilant Guardian:
History Commons:Faliure to defend the sky at 9/11
Associated Press on the CIA-DRILL 9/11 :
History Commonson the CIA-DRILL 9/11:
9/11 Research on the CIA-DRILL 9/11: 2001:
Oil Empire on the CIA-DRILL 9/11:

RJ Lee Group: "WTC Dust Signature", May 2004, prepared for DeutscheBank (showing significant content of basic iron spheres in the dust,indicating extreme temperatures)
Bentham Open Chemical physics Journal 2009, 2,7-31:: "Active ThermiticMaterial Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade
KevinRyan, "Demolition Access to the WTC Towers," 2009-2010. Four-partseries collected into a pdf document at 11, 2001: Failures of the US Secret Service on the Morning of9/11: A Call for Transparency:
History Commons Groups: Examining the 9/11 Commission Archives
Historycommons:Complete 911 Timeline - Dick Cheney's Actions on 9/11
History Commons:Complete 911 Timeline - Bush's Actions on 9/11
Projectfor a New American Century 2000: "Rebuilding America's Defenses"

BUILDING 7 mysterious collapse of wtc seven 7 - a review
Architetcs and Engineers on Building 7: "Solving the Mystery of WTC7"
David Ray Griffin: World Trade Center Building 7's Controlled Demolition:New Evidence from Witness Testimonies and Architectural Drawings

Barbara Honegger: The Pentagon Attack Papers:
9/ Hani Hanjour and Flight 77's Unexplained ExpertManeuvers The Boeing: Damage to Pentagon: Elephants in the Barracks - The Complete Failure of the 9-11Commission
9/ Pentagon Attack Damage: 9/11 passport miracle: Accountants Killed in 9/11 Attacks Day After RumsfeldAdmitted $2.3 Trillion Missing: the amazing new Penta-Lawn 2000!:
American Everyman: Mineta's Testimony to the 9/11 Commission confirmed bySecret Service logfile:
Newsweek:Pentagon Generals Cancel Travel Plans One Day Before 9/11
Paul Wesley Rea 2011: Mounting Evidence: Why We Need a New InvestigationInto 9/11
David Ray Griffin 2004: The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions Aboutthe Bush Administration and 9/11
David Ray Griffin 2013: 9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes againstDemocracy Succeed
Wesley Clarke 2004: Winning Modern Wars, Iraq, Terrorism and the AmericanEmpire
Susan Lindauer 2010: Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of The PatriotAct and The Cover Up of 9/11 and Iraq
Christopher Bollyn 2012: Solving 9/11 - The Deception That Changed The World
Michael Fleming 2013: 9/11 - Conspiracy Theory Becomes Reality
David Ray Griffin 2004: The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions AndDistortions
Thierry Meyssan 2003: Pentagate
Peter Dale Scott 2008: The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire and the Future ofAmerica
Andreas von Bülow (former German Secretary of Defence) 2011: 9/11 SyntheticTerror: Made in USA
James R. Gourley 2012: The 9/11 Toronto Report
Don Paul and Jim Hoffman 2004: Waking up from our Nightmare: The 9/11/01Crimes in New York City
David Ray Griffin 2004: The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions andDistortions
Kevin Ryan 2013: Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects
Paul Graig Roberts 2014: How America Was Lost: From 9/11 to thePolice/Warfare State

Trans.Sec.Nelson Mineta testimony before the 9/11 Commission on C-SPAN
CNN Report of Jamie McIntyre at the Pentagon
CNN Chris Plant, helicopter, Pentagon, 9/11, 09:48
ABC News reports about 2 hours after the attack
Journalist John Pilger on Iraq, Terrorism and 911 (2:40)
Dutch TV Sept 9, 2005: Michael Meacher & Andreas van Bülow question9/11
GermanTV, March 2003: Flight 93: Mayor of Shanksville Says 'There Was NoPlane'
Jonathan Cole: 9/11 Experiments: The mysterious Eutectic Steel
National Press Club, 9/11/2006, Commission Chairman Thomas Kean: The 9/11Commission Was Set Up To Fail
Larry Silverstein on PBS "America Rebuilds" September 2002 admittingorder to "pull it" about Building 7
NY firefighters say WTC collapse seemed like a controlled demolition
Eyewitnesses:"A bomb went off in the lobby first, then the plane hit""New 9/11 Eyewitness Evidence of Bombs in WTC"
Richard Gage: Architects question 911
911Truth: Pentagon Eyewitness Bob Pugh tells his story
April Gallup, Pentagon Eyewitness: "No Plane Hit The Pentagon"
AllTV-clips broadcasted in the US on 9/11 sorted out on channels:
More than 3000 hours of television from 20 channels over 7 days from 9/11and on: "Understanding 9/11"

John Pilger: Breaking The Silence: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror
John Pilger: The War You Don't See
Greg Palast: Bush Family Fortunes
G.Edward Griffin: The Creature From Jekyll Island
AaronRusso: America - From Freedom to Fascism (Full Length Documentary)
Centerfor Public Integrity: "Iraq, The War Card - False Pretenses"updated 2014
CNN:"Study: Bush, aides made 935 false statements in run-up to war"
Petroleum Economist: "The war for Iraqi oil - beyond the cliché"
Articleby Professor Daniele Ganser, University of Basel: "False FlagAttacks"

9/11Commission Report
NISTreports 2005 and 2008:
FEMABuilding Performance Study 2002:

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