Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Best Way to Predict the Future ~ Peter Diamandis

 This is one of the most inspiring talks on our future I have heard. Challenging the sci-fi and not stuck in the skeletons of existing mindsets and technologies.; advanced engineering, astronomy, and mathematics have been around a lot longer than a few hundred years. Libraries have been burned and civilizations have been destroyed and lost. There was man made illumination, indoor plumbing, automated machines, and advanced causeways and roads in ancient Rome. It is avarice and corruption among the elite of advanced societies that destroys our progress. The Mayans were masters of astronomy. History repeats itself..Doctors used to feel obligated to care for the sick and treat the wounded; it came with the profession and was part of the profession. Now the Insurance companies have taken control of the health care "industry." Health care is not an "industry" and the health insurance companies are refined scum. They profit off disease, pain, and despair. The insurance companies have a monopoly over the health care system in the same fashion as Rockefeller Standard Oil. Now we will be forced to pay them.there is a better way! thinking can be your most important step in the process of discovery. The manner by which a person comes about those bubbling up notions and ideas is important. to be conscious of that process is tough and has been the subject of not only this video but of religious disscussion and philisophical , academic alike.

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