Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Be Yourself , Stop Conforming to Society

 We want things not for the joy of them but so other people will know we have them and that way we feel normal. and people are miserable because they have the burden of being responsible for a lifestyle they never really wanted just so they can be a part of the in-crowd. Blind conformity is spiritual death. Seek the truth, and WAKE UP to the reality of life

MODERN SOCIETY: " conform or die! Selfishness is virtue. Materialism is good. Illuminati has your best interest in mind. There is no sin. There is no consequence. Tolerate everything EXCEPT biblical theology. Mindlessness is peace. Reality is randomly evolving. No one controls you. Ye are a freethinker. Live for today." Behind the Illuminati's illusions, they are putting into place a conform or die system.

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