Monday, April 16, 2012

The History of Political Correctness (Complete)

"When dissidents become too annoying, call them fascists, Nazis or anti-Semitic. That association would, repeated often enough, become a reality in public opinion" - Stalin's directive of 1943
With socialism comes censorship, thought control, speech control, dictatorship, state supremacy, show-trial courts, militarism, mass arrests, Eugenics & infanticide on a massive scal, presumption of guilt, mandatory arrest-no-drop prosecution, class privilege and institutionalized injustice. Every they claim to resolve recapitulates tenfold. This is it. Political Correctness is the concerted effort of money interests to destroy Western values. Yea, we've been had.  Free speech is done.

"You can say anything you like, but I have the right to shoot you for it". said Vladimir Lenin
That quote exemplifies one of the common denominators that all Marxist regimes utilize to destroy opponents & kill or brutalize all dissenters who complain or oppose their regimes. Communism is fraught with fallacies that were never intended to be a working economic or social system. It was designed to trigger civil wars, eliminate religion & crush all dissent . Marxism is a fraud.

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