Thursday, October 13, 2011

Webbot : Germany leaving The Euro October 15th & Black Monday October 17th

Clif High of Webbot predicts that Germany will be leaving The EURO on the coming October 15th and that there will be a Black Monday in the Stock Market on October 17th , .more predictions regarding the 2011 , As Clif High points out "Web Bot accuracy is twice as good as chance". Chance is a guess or a random pick. I wish they performed better but apparently, it will not be the case. They just predicted an earthquake for the PNW and northern CA for July 30-31 and nothing happened. They have now morphed that into a minor CME that will hit the Earth today and tomorrow and he says this will cause earthquakes over the next two weeks. I like Clif but there are serious flaws in his system. date according to the Webbots. .cliff describes exactly the difference between rebellion and revolution and when the first is not possible revolution seems to be the only solution..I see a peaceful rebellion and not a peaceful revolution is not possible..those the idian case was infact a rebellion contained by tptb and not a revolution..Ghandi turned to be an inside job despite his good intentions..that mistake wont happen again..a revolution will be violent and if it is not it is a rebellion even if they call it a revolution

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