Thursday, October 20, 2011

Churchill was a Judas

This version of the "V" salute is a greeting by Rabbi's in the Hebrew tradition. The hand split down the center represents the 2 fingers on each side of the "V" in deVil, as the initials DE and IL represent the fingers..

by T. Stokes

Winston Churchill who led Britain into two world wars with his famous "victory" salute is still revered by many people and in a recent rigged newspaper poll was voted Britain's greatest Englishman.

Winston has been exposed as a long term Zionist puppet, and served their interest before that of Britain, and whom has been shown to be from documental research and Humint, (human intelligence) to have been a Druid priest, a one-time fringe spiritualist and member of the golden dawn, and most damning of all, a 33rd degree mason. Masonry is universally accepted as racist, anti-Christian and a secret elitist anti-democratic organization.

His "V" salute is a recognized greeting of the horned god, the symbol of the Devil worshiping Illuminati. The initial "V" is the 22nd letter in the alphabet, a sacred number in Hebrew numerology, and corresponds in the tarot pack to the major arcana.

Winston changed sides in his political career four times. His skills were on offer on several more occasions for the right price. He was known in the House of Commons as 'The Shithouse' from his initials WC.

He accepted £150,000 from the Rothschild's bankers
to bring Britain into W.W.II against Germany, and to drag in the USA.

Archbishop Lang, the Church of England expert on occult subjects, prior to W.W.II was privy to Churchill's putting together the "Black Team." These were wartime astrologers, dowsers and ritual magicians, under the stewardship of Louis de Whol.

Dennis Wheatley, Dion Fortune, Dr. Alexander Cannon and Ian Fleming all claimed that Churchill had wartime dealings with Aleister Crowley, advertised as the world's "wickedest man," and the famous east end spirit medium Joe Benjamin, who was often advertised in the sixties as, Winston's favourite medium.

(left. Devil's Chimney, scene of satanic rituals.)

Sefton Delmer the black propaganda and psy-ops chief, confirmed that 33rd degree Masons Churchill and Aleister Crowley were involved in wartime sacrifices at the Devils Chimney on the south coast.

Churchill wanted occult advice on all wartime events, and insisted on mass fake astrological pamphlet drops, and other hate propaganda leaflets being dropped from British aircraft over Germany. (See, Dennis Wheatley Dr Alexander Cannon and Dion Fortunes books )

The master-spy, Rothschild operative and general toe-rag, Sir Anthony Blunt has said on record Hitler was negotiating for peace right through the war, and sent his deputy Rudolph Hess to Britain to pursue an honourable peace which Churchill continually refused, following Rothschild advice for total destruction as shown in his needless firebombing of German dormitory cities. This can be seen as the typical "Satanic Sacrifice" as recorded in the Old Testament as a "burnt offering " and in the biblical burning of witches.

Genesis; 22.1-2 : 'God said unto Abraham take your only son Isaac whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering'

Bengal Famine

Sir Anthony Blunt put on record his distaste at Churchill's support of the Soviet rape squads sent in to defile the women and children in the last days of the Third Reich. The sacrificial fire bombing of German cities was only equaled by Churchill's refusal to Leo Amery who begged help for India in the 1943 famine disasters. Meanwhile Churchill sent food and arms to Russia. Surely this is Satanism at its worst.

Patrick Kinna [Churchill's private secretary] tells us we were reading the German Enigma codes so knew which ships would be sunk. We sent out decoy ships to keep the U Boats away from those ships we wanted kept safe. We knew the town of Coventry would be bombed but Churchill did not evacuate and left the people to their fate.

Britain's intelligence services had saturation coverage of the Third Reich up to and through W.W.II and told us the Germans were a threat to Russia, - not Britain.

Churchill formed his own people in the S.O.E who were recruited from leftie rabble rousers and socialist sympathizers, and were told to; "set Europe ablaze." The purpose was to sacrifice Europe and to insure Germany would clamp down on resistance, which was exactly what happened.

(Curiously, Spock makes the same Rabbinical sign.)

It was suggested to me some years ago, that Churchill was blackmailed over a homosexual affair with his secretary into a pro-Zionist stance, in a similar fashion to what happened with the Prime minister Edward Heath with the "sailor boy" activities, and the Tony Blair Lord Levy "Miranda" revelations." Churchill's biographer Sir Martin Gilbert discussed with several people the many visits to the dens of teenage male prostitution in Morocco.

Soviet spy Eugene Ivanov was just one who documented Churchill's alcoholism and mental instability, all now in G.R.U archives.

Churchill accepted secret bribes in W W I under the name of Colonel Arden, and one of his bank accounts in W W II is alleged to be in the name of A Connolly.

Britain in the thirties had a posture that assisted Germany in its anti-Russia stance, yet Churchill on his own, in pure Tony Blair fashion, turned the tables and decided Germany was the enemy and took us to war.

Hitler had a thing about the Anglo Saxon race, (Germany, Britain and the U.S.A) and did not want war with us.

If we had listened to our intelligence services, we would have let Russia and Germany fight it out, and we could have easily dealt with the weakened winner, and the Cold war would never have happened.

But Churchill had Vernon Kell [founder of MI-5] reputedly the world best intelligence chief retired off and murdered. Naval Intell head Admiral Sir Barry Domville was incarcerated for the wars duration for their opposition to Churchill's plans.

Churchill sold himself to the bankers against the welfare of his own nation, in the manner of a modern Judas.

Churchill took us into W W II because the bankers wanted to subdue Germany. All wars are fought for the goals of the bankers.

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