Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crash And The Next Coming Stock Market Crash In 2011

Not only was it planned well in advance of the actual event, it was told to their insider buddies at midnight the day before it happened. This fake print (FP) shows a trade was executed around midnight the day before the flash crash, with the exact price level they planned to take it to. Notice the 66.6667 level on the Full Stochastic, as it’s a ritual number for the Illuminati trash.

The first screen shot also shows what happened on Thursday and Friday, and you can see that the FP is still showing up as well as the actual print low Thursday afternoon. If you had seen this print the day before (I didn’t catch it, as this screen shot was emailed to me the day after it happened), you would have be able to exit your shorts at the bottom and go long for the ride back up… which allowed the insiders to make a killing, while the us sheep got robbed.

The stock market is setup to steal money from the innocent people (sheep) and give it to the elite gangsters (wolves… or Reptilians actually). It’s been that way ever since it was created, but the manipulation that the thieves have been doing is at extreme levels now… and has been since about 2008 when they started all the quantitative easing (QE1, QE2, QE?…) programs.

These programs were just a way to inject stolen money (from you… the sheep, in the form of inflation) into the stock market to keep the ponzi scheme going up until now. The gangsters simply put the money into the crooked banks, and wrote themselves out record bonuses. They were all on the verge of bankruptcy, and were supposed too take that bailout money and give it out in loans to us sheep, but instead they used it to manipulate the stock market with… suckering in more sheep back into the market, and then stealing it all in one quick flash crash move down.

They are about to do it again… but this time the market will stay down!

Recently, an old FP showed back up… one that I seen back on 01-31-2011, showing the SPY at 34.65!Yeah, that’s not a mistake… I said 34.65! On Friday the SPY was 129.33, which makes clearly makes the34.65 print seem impossible to hit. But, what if it’s another signal to the insiders as to where they plan to take the market? The print that I caught back in January of this year was caught again Friday by Anna (hotoptionbabe.com) on her 4 hours chart of the SPY. I didn’t see it on my chart, but she uses Think Or Swim and I use Ameritrade… so possibly the systems are different and it never appeared on both?

There is a guy named Alan (howthestockmarketisprogrammed.com) that explains how they (the operators controlling the stock market) could seen out price levels for certain prints (high, low, open, and closing price) in color to the insiders, while us sheep see it in black and white. They have the technology to do that, so only certain people will see the color prints… which will allow them to know where they plan on taking the stock market to, the exact level, and the time it will hit it.

I think that is the case now, which explains why these FP’s don’t show up on every different charting platform. I’ve seen prints show up on Ameritrades’ platform (Prophet Charts), but not on Think Or Swim… and vice verses. I think those are accidents, as the system they use to inform the insiders with colored numbers isn’t perfect and sometimes us sheep see one show up.

However, knowing the exact date that it will be hit is still a mystery to us sheep, as we don’t have the prints in color or the code to understand how to read them. So, we can only guess at the “when” part for the FP to be hit. But, since we are just 2 days away from the possibility that America could default on its’ debt, I think the FP showing back up is a signal that they do plan to default. If so, then the time to hit that 34.65 FP on SPY is very near, as a stock market crash will definitely happen if America really does default.

Lindsey Williams said that America was going to default on its’ debt…

As you remember from me previously posting the latest from Lindsey Williams, he cleared stated that America is going to default on the debt… and raising the debt ceiling or not doesn’t matter one bit! Meaning, this Tuesdays’ deadline isn’t important as the elite gangsters have already made their decision… DEFAULT!

While I still question why Lindsey Williams is being told all this information, I can’t deny the fact that he has been extremely accurate up to now. My question is… “why are the Illuminati gangsters telling him the truth?”. These thugs are master thieves and lyer’s… why tell the truth to Lindsey when they know he will inform the sheep? I think they are telling Lindsey stuff that they want us to know about, because they want to upset us enough for us to start rioting in the streets and creating the violence they want too happen.

That way, they can declare Marshall Law and arrest us all, put us in FEMA prison camps, and finally burn us to death in train cars like the Nazi’s did in Germany. Yes my dear reader, FEMA has nice pretty train cars ready will welded shakels to the floor to keep us locked up in while they burn us patriotic American for standing up for freedom and our rights to free speech… but of course they will tell the rest of the population we were terrorist.

I any case, I think Lindsey is telling the truth on America defaulting, and that will mean the FP on the SPY is the downside target. The “when” part is still unknown, but in this interesting radio interview with Dex at “The Vulcan Report” (pulsescan.blogspot.com), he thinks that it could all happen in just 2 weeks! He’s analysis is based on what he sees in the computer algorithms, and they are telling him that programed selling will take place and it will simply free fall like a rock. He also states that he heard (word on the street) that the “Plunge Protection Team” will step aside and just let the market fall.

This will be the largest Stock Market Crash in the history of the Stock Market!

Can you imagine what is going to happen if this is all true and the stock market does fall to 34.65 on SPY (about 3,000 on the Dow)! There will be riots in the streets as people are suddenly broke overnight, as their lifesaving in the 401k plan is now worth 10 or 20 cents on the dollar! Mass unemployment will follow as companies are forced to shutdown because the value of their stock dropped to record lows, making it impossible for them to continue paying the liabilities owed to keep the company running.

Is this why all the government gangsters are fleeing the country and stocking up with 6 months of food and water… because they know what’s coming? I really don’t know if people will actually get paid on any short positions they take if the market really does drop to those levels. The gangsters will likely make all the trades invalid and not pay out on them (not their short positions of course… just the one’s us sheep take).

Don’t forget that these insiders have been selling their stock over the last several months at record paces. In fact the insiders selling is the highest level in the history of the stock market. Most of the selling was done last year, which should tell you that the gangsters have been planning this collapse for a very long time.

In the week ending last Friday, according to the latest issue of the Vickers report, this sell-to-buy ratio stood at 6.43 to 1. This is higher than 95% of other weeks’ readings over the last decade.

The latest from Ben Fulford is that “The debts are finally being called in and those who thought they were Gods fall to earth!”…

In this latest report by Ben, he states that the world in basically “no longer accepting the US dollar for trade”. The Chinese and Russia have agreed to trade oil with other curriences, which means that the Federal Reserve gangsters can print all the money they want, raise the debt ceiling, and it still won’t matter… meaning the Fed Dollar will collapse!

That of course reminds me of what Lindsey Williams said about the dollar… that it will collapse! No matter how you spin it, the about of debt the gangsters created (and push off onto us sheep to pay)… it’s impossible to pay back. Take a look at this explanation of what are debt looks like in 100 dollar bills stacked up (usdebt.kleptocracy.us)…

The taller tower on the right is our debt… and it’s almost twice as tall as the twin towers! It’s impossible to pay back! That’s why America has no choice but to default, and why we are likely to see the FP level of 34.65 on SPY actually hit! Scary huh? To think that this is all done on purpose to steal the last dime from us sheep, and make us so broke we can’t afford to protest, just makes my blood boil!

Ok, so lets add up what we and know and come to our own conclusion…

  1. The old FP from back in January showed up again on Friday, just days before the debt ceiling deadline on August 2nd, 2011.
  2. Lindsey Williams, who has an outstanding accurate track record so far, stated the America will default on it’s Debt
  3. Dex’s computer algorithms are showing that the market could collapse in the only 2 weeks, and “the word on the street” is that the Plunge Protection Team will stand aside.
  4. Insider selling is at 6.43 to 1 as of last Friday, higher then 95% of other week’s dating back for the last decade.
  5. Insiders in the government have been told to stock pile 6 months of food and water, and leave the country if possible.

The amount of debt owed is mathematically impossible to pay back.

At this point, it is my conclusion that the largest stock market crash in history is just days away from starting. And I’m going to further conclude that the coming Legatus pilgrimage that ends October 23rd, will be the bottom and a turning point for the market to start back up. This all assumes that we don’t crash to the FP level in just 2 weeks, and then I really wouldn’t know what to expect? If so, then I would assume the market would basically trade in a wild and choppy range until October, at which point another round of money will be put into the market… starting the real rally.

I haven’t touched on what the charts say in this post yet, as it won’t matter if this crash happens. But if not, then let me go over that briefly too, as that’s important to know as well (just in case I’m wrong on “The Great Depression Two” happening).

Ok, the market had every chance to rally on Friday but failed. The 60 minute charts are pointing up, but with the daily and weekly pointing down, I don’t think is can go up very much further. I’d expect it to rollover quickly and head back down lower… breaking the 200dma. I know some people are expecting a wave 2 up, but the daily charts (and the weekly) just don’t support a move up starting on Monday.

The short term charts need to get oversold again before I could see a rally starting… and that’s not the case going into Monday. Plus, I didn’t see any fear or capitulation move in the market Friday… which usually marks a short term bottom. Any way you look at it, I just don’t see a rally starting on Monday. The daily MACD’s are still pointing straight down with no sign of turning back up yet.

Possibly Tuesday we could see them turn up and start the wave 2 rally (again… assuming we don’t crash and they pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling). However, a move back up would quickly fail, and I doubt that it would last more then 2 days. It would also set up a perfect “MA” pattern with the “M” already being formed and the left side of the “A” being the rally up. The following right side of the “A” would be take out the current low from June of 1258 SPX. It would also be called a “Wave 3″ in Elliottwave terms… and I believe it will be several wave 3′s, not just one. That means it will be a powerful move down, multiple wave 3′s are scary moves that take a lot of people by surprise.

What seems likely to happen is another move down on Monday to get all the short term charts oversold (and letting the daily find a bottom it can bounce from), followed by a rally for wave 2 up on Tuesday will some type of positive news on the debt ceiling bill being resolved. Remember, whether it passes or not isn’t important… America is still going to default on its’ debt. This debt ceiling issue is just a distraction, which should give the market the wave 2 up people are looking for… but after that quick fix shot of crack wears off, the market will roll back down and start the multiple wave 3′s!

On the another hand, what if the debt ceiling isn’t raised?

In that case, I wouldn’t be expecting any wave 2 up to start, but instead the 2 week crash that Dex stated his algorithms are pointing at as possible to happen. So which will it be… I don’t know? But the writing in on the wall now, I just can’t decide if I want to believe it or not? We have a turn date on July 30th from the New Moon, which should mean a rally as we have been selling off for awhile now… but will it? Afterall, they don’t always work… and certainly this time really is different!

(to watch on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pdWiQU397A

I haven’t even talked about Elenin (Planet X or Nibiru), as between August and the end of the year it is supposed too be passing at its’ closest point to Earth… which is what many think will rotate the poles and kill 90% of the population (while the elite gangster reptilians hide in their underground cities). Of course if this happens, then I’ll be dead like the rest of you wonderful readers… as the sheep always get slaughtered by the wolves it seems.

So what’s the point in even writing this blog post if I believe all of that is going to happen? Because I don’t think it will… that’s why! Sure, the stock market is going to collapse, but I don’t think we will be harmed from Elenin (assuming it’s real and not a hologram made up with the gangsters secret technology they got from the aliens they have been working with).

All in all though, I’m happy today and hope all of you are too! If the poles do shift and 90% of us die, I’m still gratful for the time I’ve been alive on this beautiful planet… and hope to return in my next life as one of my cats, because they’ve really got it easy and don’t worry about anything! LOL :-)

Best wishes to everyone, and try to stay safe if the crap really does hit the fan…


P.S. After writing this post they reached some type of debt deal and the market is rallying this Sunday night. At this point it looks like we will have our wave 2 move up afterall. But once it’s done, I still expect the market to tank. There is the possibility of some type of false flag event staged by these gangsters to blame the crash on… so keep that in mind too.

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