Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth" by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

How do the Chinese make money?
Why are Asian children such top scholars?
How do Asians borrow money without going through a bank?
Why do they have so many luxury cars?
How can they live in such big, expensive houses?
Why do the Asians seem so relaxed and stress free?
Why are so many Asians millionaires?
What are the Seven Secrets to Asian Health and Wealth?
Why do Asians have such low divorce rates?
What is their method for defeating Western businessmen?
How do Asians raise as much money as they need in one day?

These and many other answers are given in his e-Book,
"Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth"
by Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

Now, for the first time in the West, the simple and profitable methods that
are used everyday by the Asian People world-wide, are given for the
benefit of all people everywhere.

Here is what Dr. Wu writes in the Prologue to his book:

[San Francisco Chronicle quote] "It's not right the way [the Asians] come in here and push
the [black] people back. They get in here and they get to boasting. They want their own damn way.
I don't blame them. They don't really bother anyone. They just crowd you out. They come over here
with money and now they're driving around in their Mercedes and Rolls-Royces."

" ... It used to be that you hated Mexicans. Now blacks hate the Asians because,
like the Mexicans, Asians got to step over us on their climb upward. The system we live in profits
from division and conflict between lower classes. It is the classic cycle of oppression. One group
is down so low and then they are manipulated into believing the group next to them is to blame.
The real source of the problem is that our bankrupt [American] economic policies have made sure
that poverty is built right into the system. The scapegoating that goes on here - blacks blaming Asians,
whites blaming Asians, Asians blaming blacks and Hispanics - is no accident." [San Francisco Chronicle]

"When I first read the above comments made by these African-Americans, it was easy
to see that there was a dangerous problem here that required a solution. I, for one,
would certainly not like to walk through an ethnic neighborhood and to have these
kinds of confused and hateful thoughts directed at me merely because of my race.
Who would? And yet, I have heard very similar words coming from the mouths of
ignorant White People who also do not understand the Oriental ways of making money.

"It is not a matter of being racially an Asian that has allowed the Asian Peoples to
become the richest ethnic group in America as well as the richest in the world.
That's right! According to U.S. Government statistics it is not the White- Anglo-
Saxon-Protestants nor is it the Jews who are the richest people in this wonderful
country. Asians -- Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese -- are the richest.

"'With the exception of refugees from Indochina, every Asian ethnic group in
the [San Francisco] Bay Area now enjoys an average household income above
the national average of

"With these kinds of statistics, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that these people
as a race
have something special that no one else has. And yet, race has absolutely
nothing to do with it. It is Knowledge and knowledge alone that has allowed even the
poorest of Vietnamese Boat People, to name the latest immigrant group, to prosper
in this Land of Opportunity.

"Yes, America is a land of opportunity. And I, for one, would like to feel free to walk
along any street or alley in the entire nation without fearing that someone of another
ethnic group would wish me harm merely because of our being of different races.

"In America, as in the rest of the world, the pie is big enough for everyone to have a
piece. The age-old problem is, that those who know how to cut the pie, selfishly cut
themselves the biggest possible piece and leave nothing for anyone else. Since I do
not see anyone else sharing the knowledge that makes the Asian People and
Asian Culture so profoundly excellent, I have decided to publish this knowledge so
that everyone - white, black, yellow, brown, red, and even the sad and blue - can know
the Hidden Secrets of Oriental Wealth. "
-- Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

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